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Have we ever realized how it’s easier to blame somebody conveniently? Blaming is like playing football we kick around n too around the issue from one to another but at the end it eventually comes back to us. So the bottom line is “stop ignoring it all the while”.

But why do we find it so easy to blame others is it because we don’t want things on our head or we find it too hard to accept with reality or for various others reasons.

I’ve noticed now that I have been married for 7 successful months, the blame game is more evident here. Anything is not done the blame goes on the other better half, if things aren’t organized again another round of blaming happens and so on and so forth. But off late I have realized when u blame your partner for something which has not been done in the right manner or which was has not happened it leads to another circle of criticism and bad-mouthing. Eventually both “the husband and wife”sulk,throw a nice round of mouthful “gaalis” at each other ,sulk, not talk with each other for days together, not eat food and the drama continues.

What I realized it it’s better to explain to your partner in a nice and polite way about what you don’t like in him/her and get things done the way you want it to, rather than shouting and screaming at each other. We never know what is going to happen the next second rather than fighting and doing the blame game all the time we’d rather spend the time in being there for one another and grow with the relationship. Every individual is different we have been bought up amongst different cultures, traditions and customs soo when two people decide to live together for the rest of their lives we can’t expect wonders to happen overnight.

Give your partners time to change but don’t expect them to change in a way that they lose their own identity, we are not in their lives to bring about change we need to accept them as they are…Till we meet again 🙂

The Blamegame