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So last month I decided to take off from all mediums of social media and give myself a “social” break. I cut myself off totally from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the likes. A lot of people say once you’re used to being on social media 24*7 its very difficult to get away. But I guess I proved it wrong for me.

I loved being “disconnected” not knowing what’s happening on Facebook with “xyz”, not knowing who tweeted what, not knowing who posted a hideous photo on Instagram today and the list is endless. Sometimes I see people tweeting all day, every second and I wonder how do they do that?? It felt so nice being on the other side of the page, not aware of anything happening in the “social” circuit. It also made me realize there are so many other things to sit back and look at which probably I would have never noticed otherwise. We lead such crazy lifestyles where either we are slogging our asses 24*7 or socializing or constantly on our smart phones. At times, pause and ask ourselves is this what you want to look back at 10 years down the line? I definitely would not want to. We tend to not enjoy on the small moments life offers. We are contantly absorbed in this so called “social-media” generation. Imagine locking your phone away for a day. Will you be able to survive without it? I don’t know about you, but atleast I wouldn’t till like a month back. Take a break and have a look yourself.

So today after almost a month and odd, I am not ” clung” onto my phone 24*7, I don’t use social media during weekends and I don’t attend calls on weekends and after 8pm unless its family. I feel sorted and I feel more relaxed to catch up on other things. Try it out for yourselves. Deaddict!