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The power of affirmations


Do affirmations really work? Whenever I tell the husband if you want to achieve anything in life keep writing it down till you achieve it. He used to laugh it off saying what rubbish such things don’t work. Till lately when he tried doing it and it actually worked. And he said voila it’s a miracle 🙂

 But let’s get things clear first and understand how this whole process works. Imagine you want to go study at one of the top management schools and you write down your thoughts about going there for a few days and forget about it. Don’t expect miracles to happen that by just writing your thoughts for a few times will not get you to your favorite B-school.


This is how it works, when you write you actually feel the urge to get closer to your aspirations. It gives you a sense of direction and you feel the need to fulfill your goal. You work towards your goal and you want to make sure it is turned into reality. It helps keep you motivated and though at times it may be time-consuming never give up keep writing and penning down your thoughts. Eventually you will get what you achieve. Try it out for yourself it has worked like miracles for me and I still continue to affirm every day.