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Weddings are the best place to hear aunties, ladies young and old chatter away about their kids, clothes,jewellery and the likes. It’s actually interesting to listen to this kind of gossip and trust me it’s a good time pass as well. I am all ears for such kind of stuff.

Recent conversations overheard at a wedding ….

“My son is earning XYZ salary and he’s working for a foreign company. He’s also visited the USA”

“Studious children will always study we will only have to worry about those who don’t”

“My son has got a job and he recently moved to Benguluruu(notice the exaggeration of the city)”

“Did you keep the gold safe? Yes,I got off all the jewellery, it’s safe”

“Do you know this year 2nd PU results are excellent everyone has got above 500”

“My daughter will be studying engineering what about your child”

“My son bought a 3bed-room apartment recently, he got it for a throw away price”

“Velvet blouses are back in fashion”

“I recently saw a saree weaved with roses it was really beautiful but the blouse was horrible”

“The gold prices are down now, it’s the best time to invest in some gold”

“XYZ’s Sangeet was beautiful, it seems they spent a lot”

“How many years since your son got married? Do they have any children?”

All these conversations happened in a native language n it had me in splits. I mean how people love showing off about their children is actually very funny!!

Why do we judge people?


Few days back my friend and myself were having a conversation and she was telling me as to how bogged down she was by people judging her all the time. I have seen in many of my conversations with people around and observations in surroundings we tend to make judgments of people by their appearance, behaviour, attitude, habits et al.

For e.g. you are sitting in a coffee shop and there is a group of friends sitting in the next table and the girl in the group is loud, she speaks loudly and laughs loudly. The next minute you know you’re judging the person saying ‘omg she doesn’t have manners’

I have seen in many cases when you see a girl talking to a boy we assume it’s her boyfriend. We know of somebody who smokes or drinks we tag them as ‘cultureless’. A person loves socializing and partying but is tagged as a person who has no life. A girl is seen around in short clothes and she is judged as being too westernized. A guy straightens his hair or has spiked hair; he is tagged as a punk. There are so many instances I can go on with.

The question remains why do we judge people? If you smoke or drink it doesn’t make you a bad person and if you don’t it doesn’t make you a saint either. The difference lies in the choices we make. But that does not give anybody the right to judge you and tag you as a so n so in society. We all have the rights to make our own choices. We choose the path we want to walk on. It’s our decision and I am sure each and every individual is proud of the choice and decisions they make in life.

We are nobody to judge a person. We cannot and we shouldn’t. Each one of us are different we are born and raised among different cultures and traditions. Due to different upbringings and exposures in life we tend to be different individuals with diversifying personalities and behavior patterns.

Just because you don’t like doing a particular thing it does not give you the right to stop somebody else from doing it and judging them. Each to his own. We should not judge people but indeed accept them the way they are. Would you like it if somebody comes up to you and says ‘you’re a moron even without knowing you’? No, definitely not you would hate it and would question the person as to how can they judge you without even knowing you. this applies to any other individual as well how can we judge them without knowing them and even if we know the person we still cannot judge them, as simple as that.

Imagine being monitored about your activities your each and every move and action is being recorded how would you feel? I would feel suffocated and miserable, I would scream to have my own space. I guess even a person who is being judged feels the same.

Learn to accept a person as they are, nobody is lesser or superior and nobody is good or bad. I have been taught since a kid by my parents not to judge or compare people and today I can’t stand it when somebody judges me or any other person for that matter. You are what you are and nobody can change that, you don’t like it that’s your headache deal with it. I don’t judge people I accept them the way they are 🙂