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Resolution’s whatt???


So now we are already two months into the New Year. How many of you have kept resolutions and lived up to it??

Isn’t it a yearly routine, where you make a handful of resolutions, diligently obey the rules for a month and then forget about it. So why the whole fuss when you know its going to be down memory lane after a month and odd.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do not dig much on resolutions and stuff. We don’t need a change in a year to make us move our butt off the couch to get fit, get disciplined, to wake up at 5 AM everyday etc… You can do it any time, any day, any month. So are we lazy enough the entire year, that we wait patiently till December to start something we have been stacking away for a long time. I guess so!!! My advice, make it happen today if you’re really determined to, don’t wait till the end of the year so get moving.

Happy Holidays


Dear Santa,

I love December and you know why. I get to eat yummilicious rum soaked plum cakes and endless bottles of sparkling wine. I have two wishes for this year, a bank balance that will never go empty ( sigh, I don’t have to work this hard then ) and a magic pill that will never make me grow fat ( I will never have to worry which diet to follow next then ). OkayThanksBye

Wishing you’ll a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from the Mrs and Mr.


Love and Laughter always