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Flaunt the ring, GAME OVER!!!!


When you sent me the invite saying “GAME OVER” I was wondering whose game is over, yours or the one marrying you (pun intended)

You’re getting married??? Really, unbelievable!!! I still can’t get over the fact that in a few days you will be Mrs. R.

Well, actually I dread the poor guy’s situation. Imagine bearing with your nautanki for the rest of his life, phew!! Poor K may have to take marriage survival lessons to withstand your “drama”, he has no idea what he is getting himself into 😛

Jokes apart, I wish marriage gets you a Lil more sane, but I love the insane you also. You can light up even a dull moment, so Mr.K is really lucky to have you in his life (see you have your brownie points as well) 🙂

And seriously, please stop showing us your back man, like SERIOUSLY!!!! Hope you get to shake your “TOOH” at your own wedding at least 😛

Love you with all my heart and I wish you only the best out of Wedlock! A big bear size hug!

Happily Ever After K & P !!!


One of my closest is getting married tomorrow, and it breaks my heart to know we will not be present to witness the cute fairytale wedding. I was the most excited when I got to know about their wedding, I still am, but I just wish I could be there to witness it.

We may not be there in person, but our best wishes are always with you guys. Hope lil T is making up for our absensce.

Dear K so tomorrow you get married, yayy so finally you can change your Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Married”. Now that you’ll be a married man in less than 24hours, learn the art of saying yes for everything (even when you want to say NO):)

Please make a note, the Wife is “always” RIGHT 😉 It’s nature’s Law, don’t try to play with it 🙂

Dear P, don’t worry you’re marrying a guy who will treat you like a Princess 🙂

The Secret for every Happy Marriage is, well its a secret so go find your Secret 🙂

Jokes apart, have fun guys and enjoy all the pampering cuz after tomorrow nobody will give you VIP treament 😉

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and may you both get to have the Fairytale Wedding you”ll have dreamed of, our best wishes are always with you”ll. Wishing you both only love, happiness and togetherness always 🙂 God Bless 🙂


Love and Laughter always

29 going on 19


You are the chalk and I am the cheese. I don’t think we both can annoy anyone as much as we irritate each other but are still inseparable. We both would make the perfect endorsement for two dissimilar people who still make a great pack.At times I feel I am living with a kid, but I love it. You make every day of my life challenging, but I still love it. I go to the movies alone at times so that I can enjoy my bucket of popcorn in peace without having to hear how many calories I am consuming. Every time you forget the parking slot in the mall, I think “seriously”. Every time my hands go looking out for a bag of chips and you give me the stern look “THAT”. You’re a gym junkie and it makes me wonder what did I get myself into. I hate it how you’re right most of the times, but I still try to stand my ground. Every morning when you sit with your bottle of water and stare at the ceiling, I wonder what the hell is there on the top. You bring out the best and worst in me. You make me think being dumb is cool. You let me be “ME”. You love Batman, I love Alice in wonderland. I wonder what a mundane, boring life I would be leading if you were not around to bug me. You’re a 29 yr old going on 19, pun intended. You make life seem like a breath of fresh air. I know you love me more, but I will never admit it.You make life colorful.

Happy B’Day Maverick, let’s go drink it up and make it a blast. I wouldn’t have wished for life to be in any other way. You make it bombastic. May all the candles you blow today bring you the best all year around. I Love You. Soulmates for life. Go get your six pack now.


A thing called “LOVE”


So the other day I was thinking how there is some day to celebrate every other month. A couple of days back it was Republic Day in India and everywhere I went all I could see was Republic Day offers in malls, restaurants and the likes.

Fast forward we are already a month old in the new year and enters February, the so called Valentines Day month. There is already a buzz doing the rounds on Social Media sites, shopping portals and the list goes on for “Valentines” day.

Come to think of it do we really need a day to proclaim our love to our near and dear ones? Is Feb 14th the only day you say the three magical words to somebody you love? Are you kidding me? I surely guess not so why the big hulla-bulla over Valentines day.

When we can say “I Love You” 365 days of a year why tag a certain day in a month to say it? I have never believed in all these days be it Valentines Day or Daughters Day. In my opinion every day is treated as Valentines day, Lovers day and the endless “days” marked in the yearly calendars. Seriously who came up with these days?

50 Shades of Love


So raping a woman in India is still considered okay and unpunishable but loving a person of the same sex can put you behind bars???

Let me get this straight what do we call this?? Hypocrisy maybe!!

Love has many shades and is free for all be it a male or a female. We are no one to judge homosexuals! Enough said!


Love and Laughter always

Happy 1 Year Guys


Grandmother’s 75th


So yesterday my Grandmom turned 75 years and this was the first time we celebrated her b’day. The truth is we never knew her birthday till like a few weeks back. My Grandad happened to find her DOB n that’s how the while plan of coming up with a b’day celebration came up. Cute know??

I was excited to be celebrating her b’day cuz I really wanted to see how she would respond. She has always been this fuss-free kind of a person who doesn’t like much pomp n show ESP when it comes down to herself.

She kind of knew behind our backs that we were upto something and yesterday she tells me you know “I have the ears of a snake,I get to know everything” (obviously snakes don’t have ears that’s just a saying in Telugu). So though she grunted n grumbled for making her cut a cake n doing a whole family lunch thingy I think she secretly enjoyed 🙂

Here’s wishing my Grandmom a wonderful year ahead with good health, love,togetherness and happiness.



2 Years and still counting. Happy 2nd!!!


2 years back around 7AM in the morning I was pacing and fretting in my suite cuz my stylist and makeup-man didn’t arrive yet (they were sleeping btw). I had to reach the wedding venue in about 45 minutes flat and I was still not ready.  The last option if they didn’t turn up was to reach the venue in my superman pyjamas (how kewl would that be know). Eventually they did turn up and transformed me into a pretty bridezilla. Yes I was getting married and it was my D-day.

Time has flown at the speed of light and today we complete two successful years of marriage. I am the kind of person who practically lives in fantasyland everyday of my life and like to turn my dreams into reality. Well I just don’t dream I make sure I see the light of my dreams as well. So in all probability when it came to finding the perfect Mr. Right for myself I always dreamt of a Knight in shining armor who would come riding on a nice black shiny horse and sweep me off my feet.

The day I met my husband for the first time, indeed he did sweep me off my feet just that he didn’t come on a horse (In my head I was already singing and dancing with him to “aint no other man” and head over heels”). It just seems like yesterday where we had to be the perfectly clad couple and pout for all the photographers flashing their cameras our way. I could relive this day every single day and get married over and over again (I hope nobody is listening else they will get jitters).

Initially when anybody spoke about marriage I would shy away from the question or would ask them to get married again if they were so interested. After I met my husband, it was like all the planets and stars in my life had changed and I just waited with eager breath to get hitched. We finally did after a long wait and here we are today in two complete pieces.

It has been a roller coaster ride and we have stood together through thick and thin. At times we are like Tom and Jerry waiting to pull off each other’s hair and most of the times we are like two peas in a pod (pardon me for being a lil poetic and lovey dopey today). When I’ve fallen down he’s held me and made me stand on my feet again. I learn so much from him everyday and living with him is a wonderful experience in itself. He’s full of positive energy and sees light at the end of every tunnel.  I get my strength from him when I feel like crap and I know life is beautiful because he’s a part of it.  His twisted sense of humor cracks me up every single time.




I always tell my friends who fall back on me for marriage advice, that the best relationship is when you’re partner is your best friend.  My husband is my best friend and that makes our relationship even more special. We can talk and share anything under the sun, act dumb and still not feel stupid. Each day is a new challenge for us and we look at it as though it’s going to be our last. That’s how life needs to be lead to the fullest, enjoy every minute. It’s been two years now and when I look back I can only see fun-filled memories. I look forward to the years to come by full of love, happiness and togetherness. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary A and love you to eternity. Together and forever always 🙂


PS: The photographs were shot at our wedding by one of my best friend Gautam who is an amazing photographer. You can check out his page on Facebook(Gautam Singh Samant).

My Granddad – An Inspiration


Last week my Granddad celebrated his 85th b’day. On wishing him he had a very cute thing to say. He said “I’ve had a very long innings” and we both laughed after it.

85 years is indeed a long life and touchwood he is still the same young at heart person even till date. Age is only a number, which changes every year, but what remains is your personality. It’s up to you how you grow with your age. My Granddad has grown gracefully with age and every year he leaves me in awe all the time. He may be 85 but he can give any 20-year-old competition. For his age he’s perfectly fit and goes on with his day-day activities all by himself.

I am the first grandchild in the family and the only girl. We are a total of 5 grandchildren and all of us have been spoilt rotten by our grandparents. As far as I can remember the times and memories spent with my Granddad are still fresh in my mind and bring a smile on my face always.

He’s been one of my role models in my life and I have always looked up to him. Even at this age he wakes up at 3 everyday and performs his daily rituals of pujas and reading the Bhagvad Gita. A red tilak on his forehead, a nicely ironed white dhoti and a white formal shirt is how I would like to describe him. At this age he is well informed and knows every minute detail of his surroundings that it leaves a question in my head all the time that ” how is he so well informed even at this age”. He loves education and has always inspired me to be well educated and stand on my own feet. Every small achievement of mine always made him beam with pride.

There is so much to learn from him and I am still learning. He is filled with positive energy which is so contagious that you are actually made to sit n think life is indeed full of experiences and it’s a beautiful gift. There is this really sweet incident which I remember during the wedding ” I wanted my Grandad to bless me first”.

If I can be atleast 25% of what he is that would be a great achievement for me. There is so much to write about my Granddad but I don’t know this is the first time I am finding it difficult to put in down in words. I can sum it up by saying he is and will always be my inspiration. My inspiration to be a nice human being and to be kind, this is one of his many qualities which I adore. His recent wish was to teach him how to use the iPad so very soon he will be my hi-tech Grandpa 🙂

Recently my Granddad called me to plan for a surprise for my Grandmother who turns 75 years next month. What I found really cute is even after so many years of marriage the love and affection among them is still alive. They still look out for each other and nothing has changed. Relationships like my grandparents, my parents are all an inspiration for me and I wish to have such a long living relationship too in my marriage 🙂

Its all about looking out for each other and being there for each other 🙂

I wish my Granddad has another wonderful year ahead of him with all the love,happiness and good health always!