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The Perfect Imperfect


How many of us are always trying to strive for perfection in everything we do right from our appearance to work and relationships?? Aren’t you bored of being “perfect” all the time? Do you know how it feels to let go at times? The feeling of letting go of a bunch of balloons high up in the air to fly far away into the sky.

Every parent expects their child to be a straight A student. My question is why should they be an A grade student always? Why can’t he/she be allowed to be a B grade student?

You’re a topper in your school and college. It may land you a job at a top-notch company and you may be in the top ranks there as well but don’t you get bored after a while?? Don’t you have the urge to loosen up once in a while, take a back seat and be an under-dog?

Why is that on your marriage day the bride and groom need to look their best,don the best kanjivarams and cashmere,drown yourself in diamonds and put on some 50coats of makeup? I know marriage is a one-in-a-lifetime-event but why can’t you choose to be a little imperfect? I had worn goggles the day I was made a bride and walked down the aisle to loosen up a bit and have some fun 🙂

Why is there a constant need to be in the best of shape always? Why aren’t we allowed to look fat and still be at our pretty best? I loose weight when I want to and other times I just let go, I don’t really bother about the piles of pounds I am putting on!

Life is not only about perfection. We need to loosen up once in a while and take a deep breathe. In our strive for perfection we end up loosing out on the smaller joys life has to offer. Think of it, you may strike a chord somewhere 🙂

I love being called the perfect imperfect and I wouldn’t mind being last in the rat-race of perfection because I like enjoying life at every phase 🙂