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Scarred for life


Today I am writing as my blood is boiling with anger, disgust and there is so much I want to vent out. Today I have many questions lingering in my mind and I am not sure if any girl in India or me will ever find answers but time has come for change to be done and not just spoken about.

Every single day we hear of so many incidents happening in our country out of which half are crimes related to women. I detest reading the daily newspaper as it has less of news and more of unforgettable incidents. Every day there are stories of crimes, murders and rapes. Whenever I hear such incidents I feel ‘when will this ever stop’. When will women in India ever be safe? Why can’t we live freely in our own country? Why are we always judged? Why are restrictions thrown at us always?

Two days back a young girl in the capital city of our country Delhi was gang-raped, tortured and thrown out of a bus. What was her fault? She was seen with a guy and was returning back after a movie at around 9.15 in the night. That was her mistake. The young student was raped, brutally tortured and hit with blunt objects for being out with a guy at such an hour. The guy who accompanied her was also hit when he tried to protect the girl. They were thrown out of a moving bus in a semi naked condition. Delhi where this incident happened is the capital of our country India. But did you know that it is also known as the most unsafe city for women in our country? It had nearly 500 n odd rape cases last year? Clear and loud 500 odd rapes in the capital city? If this is not a matter of shame then what is it?

Ever since I heard about the incident I have felt sick to my stomach and I cannot imagine what the young girl’s family may be going through? I have not been able to sleep thinking what will happen to this girl and her family? She has been scarred for life and will she be able to move on in life? Will she live in fear for the rest of her life? What is the trauma they are under? The girl is battling for her life and tomorrow how will her future be? What kind of stigma will this incident leave on her? Will she be even able to forget this horrendous act?

Today I am sure every girl, every other women in our country feel the same way I feel. The time has come now for such incidents and shameful acts to stop. There needs to be stringent punishment for the accused. Why do we let go of such accused? Why are they allowed to walk away free?

Women are considered to be sacred then why are we treated in such a disgusting manner? Why should any girl in our country be subjected to such kind of incidents? Why was the poor girl made to go through whatever she had to? Why cant girls live a life of their own? When a guy can walk around freely in our country, when he can do anything as per his own whims and fancies why the discrimination when it comes to a girl? Why are we judged by what we wear and our mannerisms?

Everywhere, at every stage in our lives be it our surroundings, workplace, school, public places, marriage etc we are harassed and subjected to mental torture. Why can’t we be treated with a little respect?

When will women in our country get to walk around freely without any fear? When can we walk on the streets without being pinched or without being commented on our clothes? When will the no of rapes and in-discrimination among women come to a halt?

As a country why are the accused let to walk away freely? How can such men even commit such acts? Don’t they have mothers and sisters at home? Aren’t they born out of a women’s womb? Do they forget that their own mothers are women? Don’t they feel a sense of social responsibility?

Today we don’t want to hear politicians come out and offer their sympathies but its time now set an example and put an end to such incidents. The accused should be hanged to death; there should be a sense of fear instilled in people for them to even carry out such a crime against women. Such barbaric acts need to undergo severe punishment. Do we hear of such crimes in other countries? No, as there are strict laws to punish the accused. The accused need to be punished and not let go. They need to be hanged to death. Maybe then the incidents of rape and other crimes against women will stop in our country. Maybe then any guy whose perverted mind is filled with such thoughts will think twice before he commits any such crime towards a woman. THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND THE TIME IS NOW. Women are sick and tired of such acts and want an end. We do not want to live in fear anymore. I pray and hope god gives this girl the strength to fight through this.