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A Mix of Tales!!!


Life is like a game of Football where you score a goal at times, where you loose at times, overcome your fears and still face the world.

I might have written about 5 posts in the last 10days but ended up scrapping all of them. Just didn’t feel like uploading a post. Finally, today I felt the need to write one. This post is straight from the heart so bear with me.

First things first, my father-in-law is recovering  pretty well, yeah, he kicked the cancer out and hopefully it doesn’t return ever again. Man, it was a tough two months I don’t want to be in that place ever again. Trust me the feeling sucks!

It’s been over 3weeks now since we’ve gotten back home and gotten back to our normal routine. Well, I don’t think I’ve still gotten back to my normal self. It’s so strange and weird, but the last two months have hit me hard and they seem to be haunting me till date. Sleepless nights, weird and ridiculous thoughts, fears out of nowhere have been my best friends for the last 3weeks precisely. It’s funny because I’ve never lived life in fear and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing in the last 3weeks. I’ve become an emotional wreck, something I never was, I hate tears I hate crying and now I cry at the drop of a hat. Sheesh!!


The last 3weeks I wasn’t able to relate to myself. Weak, emotional, scared, worried, dull, no interest in anything is the new side of me which I saw in the last few weeks after coming back. Trust me, I hated it, because I am a really happy person and here I was behaving like a truck had hit me. I didn’t want to speak to anyone about this, but I finally did. There is always that person in your life whom you call “my person” apart from your family.  For me, it’s my best friend. Finally 2days back, I made a frantic call to N and I couldn’t speak, all I did was break down and cry. She kept quiet till I finished and didn’t utter a word. See that’s what best friends are for, they don’t judge you when you cry. After my whole melodrama we laughed for close to an hour and I knew there itself that I am fine now. I AM BACK. I just had to speak to her and let my heart out, I knew things would fall in place.

Having dealt with a lot of difficult situations in life and emerged strong always, I failed to understand why I became so weak this time around. Instead of being a strength to my husband whose parent was ill, he became my strength so that I would not crumble. But yeah, you can’t be strong all the time! So the best msgd me yesterday saying bounce back to being the positive and happy person you are, well yes I’ve bounced back for sure. No one deserves to be sad, everyone should be happy.

In all this craziness I’ve been beating myself up that I haven’t been able to get back to running properly. I don’t know, but this is something I really want for myself. I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as I’ve enjoyed running. I hurt my knees, but I know I will fight the pain and get back there. When you want something really bad and you see no progress it puts you down majorly, but hey I am no quitter.

Oh, and how can I forget, so I got diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my right wrist today. How do I feel?? Pretty good actually, its okay bitches bring it on and I will fight this too. If the pain in my hand gets severe I may require surgery, but I don’t want to think about that now. It will all be well.

10 more days to go for my B’day, yayyy. I love B’days and I almost hit someone who said I turn 30 this year. Sheesh, no way I still have 2more years to hit the thirties. Let me enjoy the twenties till then. So the husband is taking me on a mini getaway to Goa to bring in my B’day. I am totally looking forward to this Lil break, moreover, I love Goa and I can’t wait to get 3more tattoos inked again. I’ ve never wanted anything on my B’day ever, but this time round I want to be a good runner that’s what I want for myself.  My Mom always tells me I have a beautiful smile and that represents who I am, well, I am not too sure of the smile but I am glad to be smiling again. Happy tales, life is good, life is beautiful. Keep smiling, always 🙂

Flaunt the ring, GAME OVER!!!!


When you sent me the invite saying “GAME OVER” I was wondering whose game is over, yours or the one marrying you (pun intended)

You’re getting married??? Really, unbelievable!!! I still can’t get over the fact that in a few days you will be Mrs. R.

Well, actually I dread the poor guy’s situation. Imagine bearing with your nautanki for the rest of his life, phew!! Poor K may have to take marriage survival lessons to withstand your “drama”, he has no idea what he is getting himself into 😛

Jokes apart, I wish marriage gets you a Lil more sane, but I love the insane you also. You can light up even a dull moment, so Mr.K is really lucky to have you in his life (see you have your brownie points as well) 🙂

And seriously, please stop showing us your back man, like SERIOUSLY!!!! Hope you get to shake your “TOOH” at your own wedding at least 😛

Love you with all my heart and I wish you only the best out of Wedlock! A big bear size hug!

Happily Ever After K & P !!!


One of my closest is getting married tomorrow, and it breaks my heart to know we will not be present to witness the cute fairytale wedding. I was the most excited when I got to know about their wedding, I still am, but I just wish I could be there to witness it.

We may not be there in person, but our best wishes are always with you guys. Hope lil T is making up for our absensce.

Dear K so tomorrow you get married, yayy so finally you can change your Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Married”. Now that you’ll be a married man in less than 24hours, learn the art of saying yes for everything (even when you want to say NO):)

Please make a note, the Wife is “always” RIGHT 😉 It’s nature’s Law, don’t try to play with it 🙂

Dear P, don’t worry you’re marrying a guy who will treat you like a Princess 🙂

The Secret for every Happy Marriage is, well its a secret so go find your Secret 🙂

Jokes apart, have fun guys and enjoy all the pampering cuz after tomorrow nobody will give you VIP treament 😉

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and may you both get to have the Fairytale Wedding you”ll have dreamed of, our best wishes are always with you”ll. Wishing you both only love, happiness and togetherness always 🙂 God Bless 🙂


Love and Laughter always

V R NOW 3!!!!!


Let’s observe a minute of silence please, its our 3rd wedding anniversary!!! Jokes apart,3 YEARS??? WOW!!!… Everytime I look back, I feel “Not bad, we survived this long” (trust me we can drive each other up the wall). We are a crazy pack, the husband not so crazy, but I am mentally crazy for sure, like one of my bolts fell down when I was born.

Marriage is good, its the best actually and you know why because it lets you annoy just one person for the rest of your life, the one person being the husband in my case obviously. We are two imperfect pieces that fit together perfectly. Every year that passes by is a reminder for us that we are stuck to each other for the rest of our lives, bingo!!! It’s an applaud on our backs how we’ve tolerated each other this long. Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me and then it hits me that I put up with you too, so we’re even!!! On a serious note, we are “AWESOME”.

Happy Wedding Anniversary A, here’s to another year of insanity and mentalness, I look forward to another 365 days of annoying you to the T. Love You! You’re the Best!!!


Happy 1 Year Guys


A Visit to Vaidehi Ashram


I met Siri couple of months back when I did a baking workshop. The first instance when you meet her, you will feel a ray of positive energy surrounding you.  Cheerful and bubbly, if your down in the dumps one second around her and your bound to bounce back to happy mode.

Before I met her in person I had been following her food blog “cookingwithsiri” and I must say her blog is one of the very few I follow regularly and experiment in my kitchen. She recently posted an article on the annual day celebrations at an Ashram she has been associated with. Before I could ask her, she invited me to come over on my next trip to Hyderabad and spend some time with the children there. It was like she read my mind. I jumped on hearing that and agreed instantly.

Children and me are inseparable. I share a special connection with children and if given a choice I would spend 365 days of the year every minute every second in the company of kids. I like to believe there is a child within each one of us no matter how old we grow and we should never let go of that.

So two days back I visited the Vaidehi Ashram along with Siri, which looks after and houses around 150 girls right from the age group of 3 onwards. I was excited and was waiting eagerly to go spend some time with the girls.  The minute I stepped into the Ashram I felt a sense of calmness around me. I met lil girls from the age groups of 3-8 years. I don’t think I’ll be able to exactly put in words the kind of emotions, which ran through my mind the minute I met them. My eyes became moist with happiness when I heard their cheerful laughter and chatter. These children are young tiny tots who have maybe gone through some of the worst experiences life has to offer abandoned by their parents etc. But when you meet them, their eagerness to show you the dance and songs they have learnt you feel thankful and blessed to be able to spend a few moments with them. They may have no one to call as their own but you can feel a sense of gratitude in them. Their innocence will melt your hearts away.

Like I said earlier it’s very difficult to express my feelings when I met these children. It actually made me sit and ponder over how blessed we are to have a family around us, to support us and take care of us. Count your blessings everyday and be thankful, as you’re fortunate to have the life your leading. It also made me think inspite of having whatever we have today we still crib for petty things, which may mean nothing.  The more you have the more you expect in life. In this whole confusion we tend to forget and look back at what we have and have a sense of gratitude. All we do is complain of having less and wanting more. Money can buy us all the luxuries in life, it can buy us materialistic happiness as well but it cannot buy you the support and strength a family can offer you. So lets be thankful though we may not have the best of everything in life, atleast we have a family to stand by us, there are many who don’t have the pleasure to call someone their family.

We all lead busy lives but do take out sometime to go spend some time with those who are less fortunate.  Trust me you couldn’t have been happier, when you meet these children who have no complaints about life or their circumstances. They are just eager to be able to laugh with you and spend some cherishable time with you. I believe in giving back in whatever small way I can afford to.

Siri, I am glad to have met someone like you and thanks for inviting me over 🙂


The Power of Life


My thoughts on the recent increase in the number of suicide. I am actually shocked that off late there has been a huge increase in the number of people committing suicides. The reasons vary right from dowry harassment to scoring fewer marks in exams or a love failure. You open the newspaper and everyday there is at least 1 story on a suicidal case. It’s sad to know that there are so many people who don’t really value life. I being a person who loves life and consider it a gift to live this beautiful journey called life find that it’s very weak on the part of the person who indulges in such acts. It’s disheartening to see people give up on their lives so easily. Why and from where do such thoughts come into the person’s mind?I personally feel we have no right to take our lives it is a gift given to us to live not to take away. There is no problem in the world for which on has to give up their life. Every problem has a solution, it may take a long time to overcome but every problem has to come to an end eventually. Life cannot be rosy all the time. We need to experience ups and downs to grow strong mentally and physically. Everybody has their own share of problems some express it some don’t some pass it off with a smile on their face.We need to have a mix and blend of everything in life else it gets very boring. Life without challenges is like a river without water.

Life is beautiful-Indeed it is


“Life is beautiful” how many of you actually believe and preach this statement?

I do every second of my life, every breath I take in I feel privileged to be able to live this beautiful gift called life. Today the husband n me happened to see this film which is also named as “life is beautiful”.

It’s a story with a message u carry back home. Nothing matters in life whether we are rich or poor it all depends on how we want it to be. It tells you your rich and that’s okay, you have arrogance written all over you but how long will you live with it? One day eventually it will all come down.

A person who drives a Porsche or a Bentley isn’t bigger than anybody else neither is a person who runs a small tea stall any smaller. In my opinion we are all equal. Rich n poor is just a classification made by society. Have you ever noticed the rich n elite ones are never satisfied with what they have as there is greed to want more? On the other hand a family whose monthly income is just 4k is still very happy with what they have and lead a satisfied life with no complaints. Also they enjoy every stage of life as it’s a challenge to overcome day-to-day problems. While the Richie rich ones lead the same old life day in and day out as they have everything and nothing much to fight for. That makes life pretty much boring right?

You dress yourself up in the most expensive cashmere and carry around your trademark Burberry, you are bound to get a few “ooo’s and aaa’s” from people around you but how long will that attention remain? It’s temporary; people will just remember your branded attire and accessories for a few minutes’ sometimes even seconds and forget about it. But what remains in their minds is your nature and persona. You have a lavish wedding spending crores of money, your guests will only remember this for a while but what will remain with them is how well they were treated. Money can buy you all the Louis Vuitton’s in the world but it can never buy you the beauty of life, it can never buy you generosity.

I am privileged to have had the best of everything in life and I am thankful everyday for it but one thing which was always imbibed in me was to be grounded and to know my values. Arrogance will fetch you a million haters but kindness will fetch you a zillion admirers.

If you have the money it really doesn’t matter as nothing is constant in life what really matters is happiness. It will last you a lifetime. So rich or poor really doesn’t matter life is beautiful enjoy every minute of it.