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Are you a Fitness Freak?


Are you Health conscious and like being fit?

‘One moment on the lips,forever on the hips’. Do you feel like this everytime you put something edible into your mouth? I feel like this all the time, I used to be a fitness freak couple of years back but have somehow lost track down the line.

Now that I am happily married I always feel does it even matter? Who’s going to even look at me?? Until lately where my health took a toll n I decided to get back on track. For me working out needs to be different everyday,I get bored really fast. Daily gymming and cardio don’t work much in my favor. Thankfully the hi-fi gym where I have enrolled myself is host to the famous Les Mills classes. I have always loved the LM classes as they are fun and can never get boring.

It’s been over a month now since I’ve started my fitness regime again and I am glad I am getting back my lost mojo.

Starting from next week I will be sharing a few of my own fitness tips and diet recipes. Watch this space.