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A thing called “LOVE”


So the other day I was thinking how there is some day to celebrate every other month. A couple of days back it was Republic Day in India and everywhere I went all I could see was Republic Day offers in malls, restaurants and the likes.

Fast forward we are already a month old in the new year and enters February, the so called Valentines Day month. There is already a buzz doing the rounds on Social Media sites, shopping portals and the list goes on for “Valentines” day.

Come to think of it do we really need a day to proclaim our love to our near and dear ones? Is Feb 14th the only day you say the three magical words to somebody you love? Are you kidding me? I surely guess not so why the big hulla-bulla over Valentines day.

When we can say “I Love You” 365 days of a year why tag a certain day in a month to say it? I have never believed in all these days be it Valentines Day or Daughters Day. In my opinion every day is treated as Valentines day, Lovers day and the endless “days” marked in the yearly calendars. Seriously who came up with these days?