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Seize the Day


“Seize the Day….Carpe Diem” This is one statement I live by every day of my life. There is this wonderful film called “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara” which I must have seen god knows how many times but I can so relate to the film in every aspect of my life. The message which the film gives out is so apt. forget your inhibitions forget your fears seize the day, live it like your last don’t worry what tomorrow has in sight. So true right? How many of us hold onto things and don’t have the guts to do certain things we always wanted to?

I always wanted to get a tattoo done but was always scared of the pain. So close to sometime two years back I gathered the guts and finally got my tattoo done. Before I could think of it was done and over but more than that I was very happy that I finally did get my tattoo inked. And guess what the next day I went and got another one done. There was no looking back again. I always had the fear of water and though I love swimming and scuba diving I had this fear within me that something would happen to me. But over time I actually realized by what I am missing out on by just holding onto my fears. That’s when I decided if I have any sort of fear or inhibitions I would rather face it than shy away from it. When you face your fears the confidence which comes out of it is that of winning a war against something deadly. Life is too short to live in fear and hold back. Soo seize the day my friends 