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Educating a Girl Child


We talk of living in the 21st century but I personally feel that we are still backward in our thoughts when it comes to treating a ‘WOMAN’ in our society.

We have women holding esteemed positions in their careers, who are woman of substance but still there is huge piece missing in this jigsaw puzzle.

In India having a girl child is still considered a shame. Parents shy away from the fact of wanting to have a girl. They feel it’s a lifelong responsibility and burden on the family as compared to having a male child who will uplift the name of the family. Parents don’t want to educate the girl child as they feel it’s a waste of money – she will anyway get married and go away so why educate her is the question lingering in their minds.

What was even more shocking was recently in the so called soap operas such discrimination was depicted. It gave a chill down my spine. A widow is treated as an untouchable, she is considered bad omen to the family. This custom is still followed in many parts of India where a widow, after the death of her husband is treated like the black sheep of the family, she is not allowed to sit with the family members or even been seen around, she can’t eat with them nor neither is she allowed to have a normal life again.

I was shocked, I have heard of such things in the past but never did I realize that it’s still being practiced in this age and time. We talk about innovative technology, web 3.0, where books have been replaced by iPads; western clothing and western lifestyles then why is it that we are so discriminative towards a girl? Is it doing hard to let go of old beliefs and customs??? Are people so susceptible and resistant to change???

There are many more such incidents where woman are looked down upon in our society. There needs to be a change and that change has to be now. We all talk about it but it ends there. We can all do our own bit by making sure every girl child in our families receive proper education.

Educating a girl child is a valuable asset and the best gift any parent can give. Education leads to empowerment and half the problems would subside if girls are empowered with strength and the confidence to take on the world. Infact even the word “Woman has Man to it, think about it 