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Why are women blamed all the time


I was watching a tv soap today n what I saw really gave me a chill down my spine.A widow is treated as an untouchable,she is considered bad omen to the family. This custom is still followed in many parts of India where a widow,after the death of her husband is treated like the blacksheep of the family,she is not allowed to sit with the family members or even been seen around,she can’t eat with them n neither is she allowed to have a normal life again.
I was shocked to see this I have heard of such things in the past but never did I realise that it’s still being practised in this age and time. We talk about innovative technology,web 3.0, where books have been replaced by iPads,western clothing and western lifestyles then why is it in this matter are we so conservative yet??? Is it do hard to let go of old beleifs and customs??? Are people so susceptible and resistant to change??? Before Tht I would want to say what was the mistake of the poor woman,it’s not her fault that she lost her husband What I want to say is everyone of us has the right to LIVE,life has to move on birth and death are not in our hands.