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Life is beautiful-Indeed it is


“Life is beautiful” how many of you actually believe and preach this statement?

I do every second of my life, every breath I take in I feel privileged to be able to live this beautiful gift called life. Today the husband n me happened to see this film which is also named as “life is beautiful”.

It’s a story with a message u carry back home. Nothing matters in life whether we are rich or poor it all depends on how we want it to be. It tells you your rich and that’s okay, you have arrogance written all over you but how long will you live with it? One day eventually it will all come down.

A person who drives a Porsche or a Bentley isn’t bigger than anybody else neither is a person who runs a small tea stall any smaller. In my opinion we are all equal. Rich n poor is just a classification made by society. Have you ever noticed the rich n elite ones are never satisfied with what they have as there is greed to want more? On the other hand a family whose monthly income is just 4k is still very happy with what they have and lead a satisfied life with no complaints. Also they enjoy every stage of life as it’s a challenge to overcome day-to-day problems. While the Richie rich ones lead the same old life day in and day out as they have everything and nothing much to fight for. That makes life pretty much boring right?

You dress yourself up in the most expensive cashmere and carry around your trademark Burberry, you are bound to get a few “ooo’s and aaa’s” from people around you but how long will that attention remain? It’s temporary; people will just remember your branded attire and accessories for a few minutes’ sometimes even seconds and forget about it. But what remains in their minds is your nature and persona. You have a lavish wedding spending crores of money, your guests will only remember this for a while but what will remain with them is how well they were treated. Money can buy you all the Louis Vuitton’s in the world but it can never buy you the beauty of life, it can never buy you generosity.

I am privileged to have had the best of everything in life and I am thankful everyday for it but one thing which was always imbibed in me was to be grounded and to know my values. Arrogance will fetch you a million haters but kindness will fetch you a zillion admirers.

If you have the money it really doesn’t matter as nothing is constant in life what really matters is happiness. It will last you a lifetime. So rich or poor really doesn’t matter life is beautiful enjoy every minute of it.