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Grandmother’s 75th


So yesterday my Grandmom turned 75 years and this was the first time we celebrated her b’day. The truth is we never knew her birthday till like a few weeks back. My Grandad happened to find her DOB n that’s how the while plan of coming up with a b’day celebration came up. Cute know??

I was excited to be celebrating her b’day cuz I really wanted to see how she would respond. She has always been this fuss-free kind of a person who doesn’t like much pomp n show ESP when it comes down to herself.

She kind of knew behind our backs that we were upto something and yesterday she tells me you know “I have the ears of a snake,I get to know everything” (obviously snakes don’t have ears that’s just a saying in Telugu). So though she grunted n grumbled for making her cut a cake n doing a whole family lunch thingy I think she secretly enjoyed 🙂

Here’s wishing my Grandmom a wonderful year ahead with good health, love,togetherness and happiness.