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Running Day 7 – The Road Ahead!


Yesterday I was telling my younger brother, I may not attend the wedding of a close friend. He asked me why, I said I have my Running Training going on and I don’t want to skip it. His eyes popped out. My younger brother has been pushing me for god knows how many years to get fit and watch myself. I kept telling him, yeah you’ll see the transformation in the next 6 months, blah, blah, blah which of-course never happened. So yesterday, for a couple of minutes he acted like a storm had hit us. His reaction was really??? I said “yeah” I am serious.

So todays training was a 3k run along with a swim. I was happy today cuz I was able to run a lil extra than yesterday. It’s a small achievement, but small steps lead you to bigger ones right! Being Monday, I was thinking what the week ahead will lie in front of me. After reaching work due to reasons best known to me I was frustrated. I decided to take a post lunch off and visit a friend.She is a runner herself wanted to go drop off the TCS 10K forms nearby and go watch a film.BTW I signed up for the TCS 5.7K run, yeh now lets see how that goes. We watched this really cute film called “2States”, thoroughly enjoyed the film. In this whole process of starting to run and train, I found it funny, but I started to lose my appetite. Normally I am a poor eater but I love food and enjoy good food. I just don’t feel hungry or feel the need to eat. So yesterday I hadn’t eaten the whole day, but I was still energetic and fine. Really weird and wrong on so many levels.

I realized yesterday that it’s been a week since I started running training and all I’ve spoken to anybody is and only about “Running”, I was warned but yes its “Addictive”

Also, I learnt a lesson today if you know something about anything or anybody just “SHUT UP”. Don’t open your mouth and keep it to yourself, its the best solution and keeps you out of trouble. PERIOD!

Resolution’s whatt???


So now we are already two months into the New Year. How many of you have kept resolutions and lived up to it??

Isn’t it a yearly routine, where you make a handful of resolutions, diligently obey the rules for a month and then forget about it. So why the whole fuss when you know its going to be down memory lane after a month and odd.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do not dig much on resolutions and stuff. We don’t need a change in a year to make us move our butt off the couch to get fit, get disciplined, to wake up at 5 AM everyday etc… You can do it any time, any day, any month. So are we lazy enough the entire year, that we wait patiently till December to start something we have been stacking away for a long time. I guess so!!! My advice, make it happen today if you’re really determined to, don’t wait till the end of the year so get moving.

The year 2014


Firstly wishing all my readers a very Happy  New Year, 2014! I know I am late but I have been crazily busy and drowning in work and the likes. Also its just a change in a date and year!

Anyway soo I am not someone who has ever beleived in resolutions. Every passing year is a learning experience and I take a leaf out of every year. So it stands the same for this year too. I beleive every day is a new day and make the most of it. I like to remember every day as a memorable one and worth living for.

Love and Laughter always