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8+6=86 and Counting!


86 years ago, this day a STAR was born(atleast for me), my Grandfather my “SUPERSTAR”

When I spoke to him two days back, I said it’s your Birthday on Monday. He said ” Birthdays come and go and Wow, you remember”
I said everyone remembers and he laughed. My Grandad is an example of a person who believes ” Age is only a number”

He is

“Someone who is my Friend.
Someone who is my Guide.
Someone who is my HERO, apart from my Parents.
Someone whom I always look up to.
Someone who is my source of Inspiration everytime.
Someone whom I respect Immensely.
Someone with Silver strands in his hair and Gold in his heart”

He enjoys Pizzas and everytime I am in town, he finds ways to convince my Grandmom to let us go out and have a yummilicious Pizza Meal. Everytime I speak to anybody who was acquainted with my Granddad at some point of time in their lives, I can only hear admiration and immense gratitude for the person he is. At such times, I feel ” it’s such a blessing to be his Grandchild”

I find it really hard to put into words about people I really care about, maybe its the Love and Respect I have for them which cannot be put into mere words.

Happy B’Day Thatagaru and may you have a 100 more. I will take you on a Pizza date when I am in town next 🙂



Like it or not we are judged all the time and not only are we victims, we equally participate in judging others. We are under scrutiny anytime, anywhere for how we look, how we dress, how we move around, about our habits and the list is endless. We end up wasting so much time discussing about another persons personality and lifestyle choices. I ask, is it necessary??

So the other day someone had posted this really discriminating picture on their SM page about how there is a certain section of children who apparently “aren’t well behaved” and those who are “so called well-behaved”. The so called “not well-behaved” children belonged to a “social group” that did drugs, drank alcohol, got pregnant, etc. etc. Pretty sure you might have guessed who falls under the “well-behaved” category by now, so called geeks of course. Kudos to those whole felt their kith and kin didn’t fall under the “not well behaved category” and made them look like “Irresponsible People”

What really struck the chord for me was how can people be so judgmental. Why are people/kids/teenagers who consume alcohol or maybe smoke a cigarette or have a child out of wedlock considered unfit in the community?? Why are they considered “BAD PEOPLE” to hang out with. Who are we to judge anybody?? I feel nobody has the right to judge anyone other than “GOD”

Like the famous saying goes around “Do not judge a book by its cover” I would say do not judge or categorize a person by his/her habits/actions. Behind every smile is a hidden story. Each and every one of us have our own stories, the ups and downs in life, we all learn to deal with our situations differently. A person might smoke or do drugs, but he/she might be a better human being than you. They might be smarter or talented than you are. So why judge???

A person might have taken up drugs or alcohol for reasons best known to them. Are they hurting you in the process? No, then just take a chill pill move on with your life let them lead theirs. In todays hard for time pressed life we all need to destress in some way or the other. Some of us may take up a dancing class, some of us may workout, some of us may laze around watching TV, some of us may drink and some of us may do drugs. You may suck at dancing, you may not have good table manners, so am I allowed to tag you as an “unfit or bad” person just because you cannot dance or can’t eat properly at a dinner table?? No right, so how does that make a person who smokes or does drugs bad? You have your own way of de-stressing, others have their own way. It may not fall in your category of ” the best things to do to unwind” but it also doesn’t give you a right to “judge” another persons actions. PERIOD.

The beauty of life is nobody is perfect and nobody is alike. We all have our flaws and brownie points. I would like to leave you with a thought to ponder on!!!

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Pillars of Strength


I had written a similar post long back but didn’t like the way I had written it. So I thought, since I am on a writing spree today why not write a fresh post?

So Pillar of Strength?!? Rings any bells? Are you wondering “is she going to bore us with some iconic monumental place she visited”? Relax, it’s not even closely related to any place or thing.

My pillars of strength are my Family. I think for most of us it is right?? Well to start with we are funny, nice most of the times, weird occasionally and crazy always.If someone were to make a reality show on us we would be fetching the highest TRP’s. In other words we are a handful together,each one of us so different in personalities and nature. So thankfully my Mom can proudly say “my daughter inherited nothing from me and my Dad can say “my son doesn’t have any qualities of me”. We are not the typical family who say I love you and I miss you day in and out. Infact right after I got married, I got a bit emotional, shed a few tears and my Mom said ” Stop the drama,your going nowhere”. YES!!

Mom is somebody who has a heart of gold and has the strength of steel. It’s not in her nature to pamper you from head to toe and shower you with praises. She has her own way to show that she’s there for you. Her strength is her personality. Like I said earlier all of us are so different, but I really wish I can cook half as good as my Mom my husband would get better food at home!

Dad is the complete opposite of Mom. His No turns into a Yes in no time. He’s somebody whose built himself from scratch and stands where he is today with his own efforts and hard work. You cannot argue with him on anything cuz he knows it all.

Whatever I am today is and will always be because of my parents, strong, independent, confident and somebody who wants to make it big on my own.

I was the only child for almost ten years and even my brother was born I wished it was a girl and not a boy. When I went to see him in the hospital, he totally caught my attention and I smiled in glee. We are totally different like siblings, he’s like skinny fries and I am like an extra large cheese burger( in other words I mean he’s thin and I am fat). Not only when it comes to personalities but most of the times he acts like the older sibling. I wonder if I am actually ten years older to him.

The husband and myself are like chalk and cheese but what the hell, thats why opposites attract right?? I think I dominate him at times but I never accept it in front of him.

So that’s my Family we are crazy in our own ways but there for each other always to fall back upon. We are nothing without one and another. Life is beautiful and I am thankful, blessed always 🙂




Weddings are the best place to hear aunties, ladies young and old chatter away about their kids, clothes,jewellery and the likes. It’s actually interesting to listen to this kind of gossip and trust me it’s a good time pass as well. I am all ears for such kind of stuff.

Recent conversations overheard at a wedding ….

“My son is earning XYZ salary and he’s working for a foreign company. He’s also visited the USA”

“Studious children will always study we will only have to worry about those who don’t”

“My son has got a job and he recently moved to Benguluruu(notice the exaggeration of the city)”

“Did you keep the gold safe? Yes,I got off all the jewellery, it’s safe”

“Do you know this year 2nd PU results are excellent everyone has got above 500”

“My daughter will be studying engineering what about your child”

“My son bought a 3bed-room apartment recently, he got it for a throw away price”

“Velvet blouses are back in fashion”

“I recently saw a saree weaved with roses it was really beautiful but the blouse was horrible”

“The gold prices are down now, it’s the best time to invest in some gold”

“XYZ’s Sangeet was beautiful, it seems they spent a lot”

“How many years since your son got married? Do they have any children?”

All these conversations happened in a native language n it had me in splits. I mean how people love showing off about their children is actually very funny!!

Smile and you will have a million well-wishers


This weekend the most awaited and anticipated film “Seethama Vakkitllo Sirimalle Chettu” released. I have been waiting for the release of this film with bated breath. I am a complete family person and I love watching films which revolve around families. Basically I am a sucker for clean, nice family entertainers.

So finally yesterday the husband and I went to watch the film. The excitement was building up and I was counting hours before the show time. As usual we were running late and we reached the theater when they just started viewing the film. I was happy cuz they had only started displaying the titles of the film. The film began with a very beautiful description of the family members and slowly the story unfolded.
Am not here to review the film which everybody does but I would just like to put down a few feelings I felt after watching this beautiful film. The film conveys a very beautiful message “Smile and the world will smile with you”. It also tells us money, arrogance, fame, status in society all these things are secondary and really don’t matter in the broader perspective of life. I mean come to think of it today you may be a millionaire but is there any guarantee that you will remain one for the rest of your life. Let’s take the case of beauty we put in so much effort to look beautiful all the time but when we grow old are we going to look the same way we did when we were 20 years old? No of course not, we would have wrinkles (of course there’s Botox but for how long?), our skin would be sagging etc). So likewise nothing is permanent people may remember you for your pretty face for a few seconds but after that they wouldn’t even be bothered. Even in life you are not going to be remembered for your money or status in society but for your goodwill. The film also conveys that family is everything and it’s so true. People walk in and out of our lives every day but family is the one who will stick by us at all the times.

Isn’t it so true? When you smile you would have an ocean of well wishers but when you are grumpy who would even want to come near you? When we smile it reflects the beauty within us. It gives out so much of warmth, love and togetherness. When you smile you can make another person happy.
In our fast paced lives due to the immense pressure of reaching to the top and earning big bucks we often forget to smile. Have you ever noticed when was the last time you had a wonderful smile on your face or when you greeted somebody with a genuine smile?

So let’s forget about how much we have or what we are let’s just try to remember to smile. More than anything else is sure all of us would like to be remembered as a nice person. In your hardest times its your goodwill and niceness which will earn you brownie points:-)

So yeah do go watch the film am sure you will love it as much as I did.

P.S: Am watching it again today:-)

Family ties and bonds


I recently happened to see a movie called “Dookudu”. A Telugu flick n a very well made film after a looong time,no wonder I saw the film 4 times teeheee 🙂 Anyway apart from the usual rom-com ,the fights and the heroic stunts what really drew me towards the film was the angle in which they showed how thankful and blessed we are to our elders for giving us this beautiful gift which is ” Life”.

It made me realize can there ever be any better gift given to us by anybody and the second most beautiful gift any parent can give their children is education,nothing can replace valuable education as it makes us who we are today.I realized also that at times we might have not lived up our parents expectations,hurt them and upset them but at the end of the day we love them and so do they. I take this opportunity to let my parents know that they r the most blessed and best parents I’ve had and I apologize sincerely for all the times I might have let them down and hurt them but I would also like them to know it wasn’t intentional and I’ll always make them feel proud of my sibling and me 🙂

Now back to the movie what it made me realize is alll their lives our parents work hard aand night to give us the best of life and to see us shine.they only want the best for us and they work so hard we will realize that only when we become parents .

Also there is this sudden change in us when we become financially independent, I don’t know about others but at least me,I feel this sense of responsibility now that it’s my duty to look after my family and take care of them. They have given us sooo much now it’s our turn to look after them ,keep them happy and give them all the happiness in the world. That’s the best gift any child can give their parents look after them like they looked after you when you were a baby. Parents are equivalent to God and nobody can ever take their place. God bless and till we meet again