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“2014” The Year that was!!!


Two Days from now we will be celebrating the New Year!! Who knew 2014 would fly at the speed of light, it just feels like yesterday and now all of us are gearing up for 2015.

My last post was a couple of months back. Why??!! Well, whenever I write down a post it comes from within, its honest and its what I feel. I don’t like writing a post for the heck of it. So I thought why write one because I have to write one. I started writing this post sometime around last week and have been editing it since then.

What was 2014 for me. Well right from the
second the calendar changed numbers to 2014, my life has been revolving like a roller coaster ride non-stop. The year has been a mix of all kinds, some good, some not so good, some life-changing experiences, some lessons to carry back and learn within. I’ve always said a mundane life is boring, I love challenges but this year there were times when I wished and said to myself I wish life was plain simple sometimes. But then again, what fun in playing a puzzle without any hardships. No thrill to the experience right!!

When it rains heavily, it pours nonstop and you wish for it to stop after a certain point of time.
Little over a month back, I just sat down for a couple of minutes and hoped to have to do nothing for at least 5minutes. I know 5 minutes, you might be thinking I’m crazy. But at that point 5minutes also seemed like “luxury”. Thats how hectic, crazy life has been. I wouldn’t have wanted it otherwise, I cant sit still for a minute but this was the peaks. I wanted a break.

No matter who tries to advice you on life or impart a little gyaan on life learning lessons, we won’t understand a thing till we face it on our own. This entire year has been a learning experience be it personally or professionally. Life is all about choices. We have the choice to live it to the best everyday inspite of hurdles thrown along the path or we have the choice to just sit and crib about it.

But I also realised one thing in this whole process, in this mad rush I forgot to give myself my “ME” time. Being busy and making no time for yourself in between the madness is not a perfect formula. It will drive you insane and at one point I began to loose my sanity. There were many times when I felt like being on a deserted island disconnected from the entire world. How awesome would that be huh, no calls to answer, no emails to respond to and the list is endless. If theres’s one thing I want to change in 2015 is to make time for myself. Take a day off from my schedule and do something I love doing the most. Fair deal!

I’ve always looked forward to December but this time it’s been one emotional taxing month and I can’t wait for it to end. Success and failures are a part of our very existence, what we make of it is what sets us apart. We have to find our way back no matter what. But I am thankful for the year that has gone by, its been another lesson in making, take the good cherish on it and learn from the bad.

So what does 2015 have in store. I don’t know, I have never believed in planning ahead. But what I do know is whatever I do I will do it with all my heart and soul. Life is a beautiful experience, I fail to connect with people who complain about life all the time. Look at the brighter side, something good will come out eventually. Do something you love doing, something worthy. If at all you fail, tell yourself it’s okay and I will try again till I get it right! You will eventually. I know 2015 is going to be a kickass year for me in every way. Bring it on baby!!

I am off to one of my favourite places Goa to ring in the New Years. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year with all your loved ones. Be safe and may the New Year be even more spectacular than the year that has gone by. Connect with you in the New Year!!! Adios Amigos!!



So last month I decided to take off from all mediums of social media and give myself a “social” break. I cut myself off totally from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the likes. A lot of people say once you’re used to being on social media 24*7 its very difficult to get away. But I guess I proved it wrong for me.

I loved being “disconnected” not knowing what’s happening on Facebook with “xyz”, not knowing who tweeted what, not knowing who posted a hideous photo on Instagram today and the list is endless. Sometimes I see people tweeting all day, every second and I wonder how do they do that?? It felt so nice being on the other side of the page, not aware of anything happening in the “social” circuit. It also made me realize there are so many other things to sit back and look at which probably I would have never noticed otherwise. We lead such crazy lifestyles where either we are slogging our asses 24*7 or socializing or constantly on our smart phones. At times, pause and ask ourselves is this what you want to look back at 10 years down the line? I definitely would not want to. We tend to not enjoy on the small moments life offers. We are contantly absorbed in this so called “social-media” generation. Imagine locking your phone away for a day. Will you be able to survive without it? I don’t know about you, but atleast I wouldn’t till like a month back. Take a break and have a look yourself.

So today after almost a month and odd, I am not ” clung” onto my phone 24*7, I don’t use social media during weekends and I don’t attend calls on weekends and after 8pm unless its family. I feel sorted and I feel more relaxed to catch up on other things. Try it out for yourselves. Deaddict!

Quote Me!!


” Never let the fear of striking out, stop you from playing the game”

This is one of my go-to kind of quotes from one of Hillary Duff’s films, don’t remember the name though. Whenever in doubt, whenever I am hesitant to do something I recite this in my mind. It gives me courage and it gives me faith that I will come out a winner. Is there any quote you look up to? Let me know.

Resolution’s whatt???


So now we are already two months into the New Year. How many of you have kept resolutions and lived up to it??

Isn’t it a yearly routine, where you make a handful of resolutions, diligently obey the rules for a month and then forget about it. So why the whole fuss when you know its going to be down memory lane after a month and odd.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do not dig much on resolutions and stuff. We don’t need a change in a year to make us move our butt off the couch to get fit, get disciplined, to wake up at 5 AM everyday etc… You can do it any time, any day, any month. So are we lazy enough the entire year, that we wait patiently till December to start something we have been stacking away for a long time. I guess so!!! My advice, make it happen today if you’re really determined to, don’t wait till the end of the year so get moving.