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“2014” The Year that was!!!


Two Days from now we will be celebrating the New Year!! Who knew 2014 would fly at the speed of light, it just feels like yesterday and now all of us are gearing up for 2015.

My last post was a couple of months back. Why??!! Well, whenever I write down a post it comes from within, its honest and its what I feel. I don’t like writing a post for the heck of it. So I thought why write one because I have to write one. I started writing this post sometime around last week and have been editing it since then.

What was 2014 for me. Well right from the
second the calendar changed numbers to 2014, my life has been revolving like a roller coaster ride non-stop. The year has been a mix of all kinds, some good, some not so good, some life-changing experiences, some lessons to carry back and learn within. I’ve always said a mundane life is boring, I love challenges but this year there were times when I wished and said to myself I wish life was plain simple sometimes. But then again, what fun in playing a puzzle without any hardships. No thrill to the experience right!!

When it rains heavily, it pours nonstop and you wish for it to stop after a certain point of time.
Little over a month back, I just sat down for a couple of minutes and hoped to have to do nothing for at least 5minutes. I know 5 minutes, you might be thinking I’m crazy. But at that point 5minutes also seemed like “luxury”. Thats how hectic, crazy life has been. I wouldn’t have wanted it otherwise, I cant sit still for a minute but this was the peaks. I wanted a break.

No matter who tries to advice you on life or impart a little gyaan on life learning lessons, we won’t understand a thing till we face it on our own. This entire year has been a learning experience be it personally or professionally. Life is all about choices. We have the choice to live it to the best everyday inspite of hurdles thrown along the path or we have the choice to just sit and crib about it.

But I also realised one thing in this whole process, in this mad rush I forgot to give myself my “ME” time. Being busy and making no time for yourself in between the madness is not a perfect formula. It will drive you insane and at one point I began to loose my sanity. There were many times when I felt like being on a deserted island disconnected from the entire world. How awesome would that be huh, no calls to answer, no emails to respond to and the list is endless. If theres’s one thing I want to change in 2015 is to make time for myself. Take a day off from my schedule and do something I love doing the most. Fair deal!

I’ve always looked forward to December but this time it’s been one emotional taxing month and I can’t wait for it to end. Success and failures are a part of our very existence, what we make of it is what sets us apart. We have to find our way back no matter what. But I am thankful for the year that has gone by, its been another lesson in making, take the good cherish on it and learn from the bad.

So what does 2015 have in store. I don’t know, I have never believed in planning ahead. But what I do know is whatever I do I will do it with all my heart and soul. Life is a beautiful experience, I fail to connect with people who complain about life all the time. Look at the brighter side, something good will come out eventually. Do something you love doing, something worthy. If at all you fail, tell yourself it’s okay and I will try again till I get it right! You will eventually. I know 2015 is going to be a kickass year for me in every way. Bring it on baby!!

I am off to one of my favourite places Goa to ring in the New Years. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year with all your loved ones. Be safe and may the New Year be even more spectacular than the year that has gone by. Connect with you in the New Year!!! Adios Amigos!!

My 1st Upcoming 10k!!!


I know this sounds crazy, but just like that on a whim, I signed up for my 1st 10k last week. This completely proves that I was born insane. Am I ready?? Hell, NO, nowhere close. Then why did I even sign up, I seriously won’t be able to answer that as well. With just 9 days to go, all I can think of is what got into me (I just want to kick myself). Can I back out now, no way I am not a loser.

In my head, I am finding all reasons not to go, what if I feel sick and the list is endless (trust me, it’s driving me up the wall). Maybe I just need to relax and take it easy. But, I can’t, I am a bunch of nerves. I can’t even think straight, I’ve never been this scared for even my toughest examination at MED school. My kith and kin always tell me, I never take tension rather I give other’s tension. Now I know what it is to be tense!

I never knew a RUN could scare the crap out of me. I never worry about anything in life, but this 10k run is stressing me out. I’m scared and intimidated. I just want to take it as it comes and go with the flow, like I deal with every situation but that doesn’t seem to be working here.

10k, run, 10k,run, 10k,run are the words flashing in my head constantly. I just want to do a headstand to get it out of my mind.

I don’t know how I am going to fare, if I’ll even be able to complete the distance, so many questions I am unsure of at this point in time. But, I know one thing for sure, I will run with my heart. I am doing this for myself. Just a beginner out there, but everyone has to start somewhere one day, this is my start and there is no backing out(I guess so).

However I fare in my 1st 10K, I know I’ll be proud of myself. I am doing this because Running makes me content, because it’s become my passion and because it’s become my 2nd love. I am going to RUN because it’s become my “HAPPY” place now. I know it’s going to be more than “WORTH” it. Keep you posted after my run next week. Wish me luck ☺


Talk To The Hand!!!


If you were given a chance to jot down 3 irritating questions you’ve ever been asked or come across, what would they be?

Let me start by writing down mine!!

1. Oh, you’re married for 3 years now and still no baby?? Any fertility issues?

My Dhamakedaar reply – Seriously, if I have been married for 3 years or for 10 years, I will decide when I want to have a child or if I want to have one at all. If you’re so concerned, please go have another child yourself. And NO, I have no fertility issues, I am good to have an entire cricket team.

2. You wear no signs that show that you’re married, no sindoor, no mangalsutra and blah blah blah.

My Dhamakedaar reply – Just because I am married, I need not hold a placard saying so. My husband is cool the way I am, I am totally okay the way I am, I don’t see why you should have a problem.

3. Oh, you’re working and scanning me from top to toe.

My Dhamakedaar reply -I pay my own bills unlike you.I lead an extravagant lifestyle, so to buy my Chanel’s and Burberry’s I need to work my ass off.

These are just a few of the most craziest questions I’ve been asked over time. All I want to say is, people will always come up with insane stuff, they love to talk but I don’t care a damn. I am not living for the people, I live for myself. I absolutely have no problem with the way I live my life or my choices, so you should not be too. You have a problem just STAY AWAY.

Running Day 6 – The Road Ahead!


Today I did a short run and then swam for 45minutes. There was a Running Induction Workshop being organised at IIM-B. So my afternoon was completely booked for the session.

In between getting ready to go for the workshop and all I was having a conversation with a really close friend who felt ridiculous that everything comes with a price tag. I found it strange, cuz I am a strong beleiver that when a price tag is attached to anything you tend to value it more. It can be anything be it a workshop you may be attending or the gym or anywhere else, it may cost you 10bucks or 10lakhs but when you pay for something you realise the value of it more. You tend to take the matter/situation more seriously when you pay for it.

The founder of Art of Living always says never give anything for free, make people pay for it then its value increases. Think about it!

Coming back to the workshop, it was a learning experience. We tend to think we know it all but there are so many things we are not aware of. It was an eyeopener and a totally knowledgeable experience.

Love and Laughter always

Running Day 5 – The Road Ahead!!!


Soo yesterday was the training session with the group again. I look forward to these group sessions,  its so much fun and really motivating. I like this group, they are fun to train with, for a beginner like me its a great team to train with.

Yesterday, our Trainers Mother  had come to train with us, a really sweet Aunty. I was shocked when she told me her age, cuz firstly she didn’t look one bit her age and secondly she was so full of life and motivation. Also she rides a cycle, how cool can that be huh?? I haven’t touched a cycle after school, now that’s another story.

Aunty came along with me yesterday while I was running and all throughout my run she kept encouraging me ” You’re doing well” “Keep it up” ” Don’t give up”. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s session.

So I ran/walked a total of 3k yesterday and then did stretches for 30minutes. After my run,got back home and went for a swim with the husband. It was so relaxing. I slept for the whole afternoon and towards the evening I started feeling a lil sick. It was like I was in a trance state, the way you feel when you’re high! I could feel my head spinning, felt dehydrated and my whole body was aching. I was present physically but my mind was somewhere else. I guess I was really tired, I don’t know but I felt weird.

Love and Laughter always

Running Day 4 – The Road Ahead!


Today I had to do a brisk walk for 6kms. Thanks to my muscle pain I had to just walk for 30mins. But I didn’t want to. See, I am stubborn that way. When I make up my mind to acheive something I really push myself off limits to prove myself right! It may not be the right thing to do but I said it I can be a “Stubborn Machine”

So I ran today for 30mins and then walked for another 30mins, totally ended up covering 6kms. After that I did Cassey Ho’s thighs and arms workout. Right now my body feels like jelly I can’t even laugh cuz it hurts in the stomach but I am not complaining.

It’s Good Friday and its supposed to be a holiday but we decided to work today and take an off tomorrow. Instead I decided not work today as well, my mother-in-law is visting so I thought let me spend some time at home.

Happy Good Friday everyone and Thank God it’s Friday again 🙂

Love and Laughter always

Running Day 3-The Road Ahead!


Yesterday while I was running I hurt myself pretty bad. I was already experiencing a lot of soreness and muscle pain but this was rock bottom for me. I continued running and then went to vote. Though it was a holiday everywhere in the city I was working yesterday.

All through the day I was pretty irritated. I had a weird feeling like something within me was waiting to explode. There was no particular reason but I was pretty much feeling in the dumps yesterday. Somewhere towards the end of the day I happened to mention to someone close that I signed up for a half marathon and I’ve started training. I was looking for a “Wow, you can do it” sorta of a reaction but I got a”Smirk, really let’s see how far you keep up with it”. That hit me, like solidly hit me. I didn’t react, I kept calm but I knew it pinched me within.

I came back home and was quiet. I went and slept for a while cuz I was really tired but I couldn’t close my eyes. The feeling you have when you lift maybe a 50kg and above dumbell I felt that way, heavy! My eyes were welling up with tears but I didn’t know why!

I got up and decided I wanted to run. My legs were hurting but I wanted to do it. So I ran for half and hour and while running I brokedown. Even now I don’t know why I cried but let me tell you I felt really good after the run.

Maybe what hit me was ” I cannot do it and will give up eventually”, I really have no idea!

Like I had mentioned in my earlier post I don’t know what I want to acheive by running but I guess I found my answer yesterday. I want to prove everyone wrong, I want to prove everyone who thinks I take my health and fitness lightly, I want to prove that I will get fit, I want to prove that I am committed and lastly I want to prove that I will not give up!

Love and Laughter always



Like it or not we are judged all the time and not only are we victims, we equally participate in judging others. We are under scrutiny anytime, anywhere for how we look, how we dress, how we move around, about our habits and the list is endless. We end up wasting so much time discussing about another persons personality and lifestyle choices. I ask, is it necessary??

So the other day someone had posted this really discriminating picture on their SM page about how there is a certain section of children who apparently “aren’t well behaved” and those who are “so called well-behaved”. The so called “not well-behaved” children belonged to a “social group” that did drugs, drank alcohol, got pregnant, etc. etc. Pretty sure you might have guessed who falls under the “well-behaved” category by now, so called geeks of course. Kudos to those whole felt their kith and kin didn’t fall under the “not well behaved category” and made them look like “Irresponsible People”

What really struck the chord for me was how can people be so judgmental. Why are people/kids/teenagers who consume alcohol or maybe smoke a cigarette or have a child out of wedlock considered unfit in the community?? Why are they considered “BAD PEOPLE” to hang out with. Who are we to judge anybody?? I feel nobody has the right to judge anyone other than “GOD”

Like the famous saying goes around “Do not judge a book by its cover” I would say do not judge or categorize a person by his/her habits/actions. Behind every smile is a hidden story. Each and every one of us have our own stories, the ups and downs in life, we all learn to deal with our situations differently. A person might smoke or do drugs, but he/she might be a better human being than you. They might be smarter or talented than you are. So why judge???

A person might have taken up drugs or alcohol for reasons best known to them. Are they hurting you in the process? No, then just take a chill pill move on with your life let them lead theirs. In todays hard for time pressed life we all need to destress in some way or the other. Some of us may take up a dancing class, some of us may workout, some of us may laze around watching TV, some of us may drink and some of us may do drugs. You may suck at dancing, you may not have good table manners, so am I allowed to tag you as an “unfit or bad” person just because you cannot dance or can’t eat properly at a dinner table?? No right, so how does that make a person who smokes or does drugs bad? You have your own way of de-stressing, others have their own way. It may not fall in your category of ” the best things to do to unwind” but it also doesn’t give you a right to “judge” another persons actions. PERIOD.

The beauty of life is nobody is perfect and nobody is alike. We all have our flaws and brownie points. I would like to leave you with a thought to ponder on!!!

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Fashionaholic and Foodie


So I am back 🙂

So I m going to do a lil bit of photo blogging as well … Hope ul enjoy it as much as I enjoyed tasting it 🙂

So breakfast today morning was authentic local food. We went to this restaurant called Gokul which is in Little India. This place is know for their mouth-watering food and their mockery with food. Yes you heard it right food mockery?? Do you even have the slightest clue what it means? Well these guys are a strictly vegetarian run restaurant but they serve chicken,fish and seafood which is vegetarian. Shocking much ?? Well I was too when I heard it and was eagerly waiting to taste the food.

We ordered Chinese Rajak which is a mix of fruits and vegetables mixed in peanut sauce n crushed peanuts. Then we ordered chow tau Kwai,Prata(Thts how paratha is called here) and Fish curry. But mind you everything is vegetarian. The food came in a while and trust me right from the appearance,feel and taste was exactly like a non-vegetarian dish. Well their lol secret is they use soya to create mock chicken and non-veg dishes. So I guess vegetarians stents missing out on anything 🙂

Post breakfast I set out on my own to orchard street , yayyyy ! Took the train to OS from Dhoby Ghat and in less than 20 minutes I was standing in front of Ion Orchard. Did you know there are nearly 23 shopping malls on this road … Wow … Emporio Armani,Louis Vuittion,Dior,Banana Republic,Vivienne Westwood you name it and its there. This street is like the 5th avenue in New York and its a fashion paradise for all fashion conscious people. I didn’t know where to start from and was totally confused in the head. I guess this is what happens when there is so much around you 🙂 I walked into the Hermes store first to check our their latest collection and was appalled. Have always loved their stuff. I slowly then moved towards Loius Vuitton Takashimaya,Tangs,Robinsons and in no time I was walking around the entire stretch of shops on this street . It can actually get tiring so throw away your heels and where something comfortable if your going to be around for a long time. I didn’t realize how time flew and I guess after I while I had a high dose of fashion making me confused in my head as to what should I pick up. I decided to look at other things which would help me to make up my mind as to what I wanted to buy. So I walked towards Lucky Plaza which is know for their electronic stores. I was looking out for cameras for my bro a D5100 n D7000. I went hopping from one shop to another and felt there was a huge price diff from each shop. I thought it was better to come back with Dad to buy the cameras as it would be a safer bet then. I was hungry n wanted to grab a quick lunch walked into their food court and had my fav fishball soup and kaya toast . Happiness in the tummy ..

Post lunch I wanted a coffee n walked into the Starbucks at Robinsons. Well I guess that’s how my 2nd day in Singapore was spent on Orchard street. It’s two days since I landed in Singapore and I must say people here have an impeccable sense of fashion. Everyone is smartly dressed and let me tell you there has not been a single person over here who I have not seen flaunting the best of fashion brands. I must also say have seen the most fashionable gays here , lol let me leave you at that 🙂20130125-153834.jpg20130125-153848.jpg20130125-153856.jpg20130125-153903.jpg

Scarred for life


Today I am writing as my blood is boiling with anger, disgust and there is so much I want to vent out. Today I have many questions lingering in my mind and I am not sure if any girl in India or me will ever find answers but time has come for change to be done and not just spoken about.

Every single day we hear of so many incidents happening in our country out of which half are crimes related to women. I detest reading the daily newspaper as it has less of news and more of unforgettable incidents. Every day there are stories of crimes, murders and rapes. Whenever I hear such incidents I feel ‘when will this ever stop’. When will women in India ever be safe? Why can’t we live freely in our own country? Why are we always judged? Why are restrictions thrown at us always?

Two days back a young girl in the capital city of our country Delhi was gang-raped, tortured and thrown out of a bus. What was her fault? She was seen with a guy and was returning back after a movie at around 9.15 in the night. That was her mistake. The young student was raped, brutally tortured and hit with blunt objects for being out with a guy at such an hour. The guy who accompanied her was also hit when he tried to protect the girl. They were thrown out of a moving bus in a semi naked condition. Delhi where this incident happened is the capital of our country India. But did you know that it is also known as the most unsafe city for women in our country? It had nearly 500 n odd rape cases last year? Clear and loud 500 odd rapes in the capital city? If this is not a matter of shame then what is it?

Ever since I heard about the incident I have felt sick to my stomach and I cannot imagine what the young girl’s family may be going through? I have not been able to sleep thinking what will happen to this girl and her family? She has been scarred for life and will she be able to move on in life? Will she live in fear for the rest of her life? What is the trauma they are under? The girl is battling for her life and tomorrow how will her future be? What kind of stigma will this incident leave on her? Will she be even able to forget this horrendous act?

Today I am sure every girl, every other women in our country feel the same way I feel. The time has come now for such incidents and shameful acts to stop. There needs to be stringent punishment for the accused. Why do we let go of such accused? Why are they allowed to walk away free?

Women are considered to be sacred then why are we treated in such a disgusting manner? Why should any girl in our country be subjected to such kind of incidents? Why was the poor girl made to go through whatever she had to? Why cant girls live a life of their own? When a guy can walk around freely in our country, when he can do anything as per his own whims and fancies why the discrimination when it comes to a girl? Why are we judged by what we wear and our mannerisms?

Everywhere, at every stage in our lives be it our surroundings, workplace, school, public places, marriage etc we are harassed and subjected to mental torture. Why can’t we be treated with a little respect?

When will women in our country get to walk around freely without any fear? When can we walk on the streets without being pinched or without being commented on our clothes? When will the no of rapes and in-discrimination among women come to a halt?

As a country why are the accused let to walk away freely? How can such men even commit such acts? Don’t they have mothers and sisters at home? Aren’t they born out of a women’s womb? Do they forget that their own mothers are women? Don’t they feel a sense of social responsibility?

Today we don’t want to hear politicians come out and offer their sympathies but its time now set an example and put an end to such incidents. The accused should be hanged to death; there should be a sense of fear instilled in people for them to even carry out such a crime against women. Such barbaric acts need to undergo severe punishment. Do we hear of such crimes in other countries? No, as there are strict laws to punish the accused. The accused need to be punished and not let go. They need to be hanged to death. Maybe then the incidents of rape and other crimes against women will stop in our country. Maybe then any guy whose perverted mind is filled with such thoughts will think twice before he commits any such crime towards a woman. THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND THE TIME IS NOW. Women are sick and tired of such acts and want an end. We do not want to live in fear anymore. I pray and hope god gives this girl the strength to fight through this.