Funny,dimwit at times,animated,lost in my head and confused in my mind …. That’s Me πŸ™‚

My life is in the shades of Pink,Red and Fuchsia something in that order. Live life on the edge and love being thrown around with challenges,else life gets boring right?

Swear by Grey’s Anatomy and the likes of Louis Vuitton,Chanel …. the list is endless.A complete fashion junkie and love letting myself loose to the tunes of Swedish House Mafia.

Love drama in my life and my independence,aim to make it big on my own in this big big world(else how I am going to buy all the Pradas and Hermes)Yes,I love aiming for the stars.

I live for food and I have been trying to be in the best of shape for eons now, but kya kare yaar in front of food my legs go weak. I hate working out, maybe that’s why every year I end up paying gym memberships with the hope of turning up one day but never do.

There is more to me but let the mystery unravel through my posts :-)Hope you guys enjoy the short snippets I put up on my own experiences and thoughts.To each his/her own,no judgments and hard feelings… would love to hear from you’ll too about your thoughts :-)))

I am Me, there cannot be another me else it would become too much for the Earth to handle!!

Enjoy reading till then,till we meet again πŸ™‚ Adios

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  1. Karthika ,i love all your blogs soo expressive and well written,esp on the family and ashram visit.keep going and keep inspiring others too!
    Anisha Kolla

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