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29 going on 19


You are the chalk and I am the cheese. I don’t think we both can annoy anyone as much as we irritate each other but are still inseparable. We both would make the perfect endorsement for two dissimilar people who still make a great pack.At times I feel I am living with a kid, but I love it. You make every day of my life challenging, but I still love it. I go to the movies alone at times so that I can enjoy my bucket of popcorn in peace without having to hear how many calories I am consuming. Every time you forget the parking slot in the mall, I think “seriously”. Every time my hands go looking out for a bag of chips and you give me the stern look “THAT”. You’re a gym junkie and it makes me wonder what did I get myself into. I hate it how you’re right most of the times, but I still try to stand my ground. Every morning when you sit with your bottle of water and stare at the ceiling, I wonder what the hell is there on the top. You bring out the best and worst in me. You make me think being dumb is cool. You let me be “ME”. You love Batman, I love Alice in wonderland. I wonder what a mundane, boring life I would be leading if you were not around to bug me. You’re a 29 yr old going on 19, pun intended. You make life seem like a breath of fresh air. I know you love me more, but I will never admit it.You make life colorful.

Happy B’Day Maverick, let’s go drink it up and make it a blast. I wouldn’t have wished for life to be in any other way. You make it bombastic. May all the candles you blow today bring you the best all year around. I Love You. Soulmates for life. Go get your six pack now.


Resolution’s whatt???


So now we are already two months into the New Year. How many of you have kept resolutions and lived up to it??

Isn’t it a yearly routine, where you make a handful of resolutions, diligently obey the rules for a month and then forget about it. So why the whole fuss when you know its going to be down memory lane after a month and odd.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do not dig much on resolutions and stuff. We don’t need a change in a year to make us move our butt off the couch to get fit, get disciplined, to wake up at 5 AM everyday etc… You can do it any time, any day, any month. So are we lazy enough the entire year, that we wait patiently till December to start something we have been stacking away for a long time. I guess so!!! My advice, make it happen today if you’re really determined to, don’t wait till the end of the year so get moving.



Like it or not we are judged all the time and not only are we victims, we equally participate in judging others. We are under scrutiny anytime, anywhere for how we look, how we dress, how we move around, about our habits and the list is endless. We end up wasting so much time discussing about another persons personality and lifestyle choices. I ask, is it necessary??

So the other day someone had posted this really discriminating picture on their SM page about how there is a certain section of children who apparently “aren’t well behaved” and those who are “so called well-behaved”. The so called “not well-behaved” children belonged to a “social group” that did drugs, drank alcohol, got pregnant, etc. etc. Pretty sure you might have guessed who falls under the “well-behaved” category by now, so called geeks of course. Kudos to those whole felt their kith and kin didn’t fall under the “not well behaved category” and made them look like “Irresponsible People”

What really struck the chord for me was how can people be so judgmental. Why are people/kids/teenagers who consume alcohol or maybe smoke a cigarette or have a child out of wedlock considered unfit in the community?? Why are they considered “BAD PEOPLE” to hang out with. Who are we to judge anybody?? I feel nobody has the right to judge anyone other than “GOD”

Like the famous saying goes around “Do not judge a book by its cover” I would say do not judge or categorize a person by his/her habits/actions. Behind every smile is a hidden story. Each and every one of us have our own stories, the ups and downs in life, we all learn to deal with our situations differently. A person might smoke or do drugs, but he/she might be a better human being than you. They might be smarter or talented than you are. So why judge???

A person might have taken up drugs or alcohol for reasons best known to them. Are they hurting you in the process? No, then just take a chill pill move on with your life let them lead theirs. In todays hard for time pressed life we all need to destress in some way or the other. Some of us may take up a dancing class, some of us may workout, some of us may laze around watching TV, some of us may drink and some of us may do drugs. You may suck at dancing, you may not have good table manners, so am I allowed to tag you as an “unfit or bad” person just because you cannot dance or can’t eat properly at a dinner table?? No right, so how does that make a person who smokes or does drugs bad? You have your own way of de-stressing, others have their own way. It may not fall in your category of ” the best things to do to unwind” but it also doesn’t give you a right to “judge” another persons actions. PERIOD.

The beauty of life is nobody is perfect and nobody is alike. We all have our flaws and brownie points. I would like to leave you with a thought to ponder on!!!

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

A thing called “LOVE”


So the other day I was thinking how there is some day to celebrate every other month. A couple of days back it was Republic Day in India and everywhere I went all I could see was Republic Day offers in malls, restaurants and the likes.

Fast forward we are already a month old in the new year and enters February, the so called Valentines Day month. There is already a buzz doing the rounds on Social Media sites, shopping portals and the list goes on for “Valentines” day.

Come to think of it do we really need a day to proclaim our love to our near and dear ones? Is Feb 14th the only day you say the three magical words to somebody you love? Are you kidding me? I surely guess not so why the big hulla-bulla over Valentines day.

When we can say “I Love You” 365 days of a year why tag a certain day in a month to say it? I have never believed in all these days be it Valentines Day or Daughters Day. In my opinion every day is treated as Valentines day, Lovers day and the endless “days” marked in the yearly calendars. Seriously who came up with these days?

My Photography Journey


Hey Guys do check out my photography blog. It’s my journey through 2014. Hope it brings a smile on your face like it does on mine 🙂

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