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Am not a person who digs much on rituals and traditions. For me rituals are praying in the morning and night for a couple of minutes, being thankful for everything I have and expressing my gratitude. That’s about it, nothing over the top.

At home, I have a small puja corner and it’s only recently I started putting flowers for the God daily. Am not a fan of flowers, rather I dont like the smell of them. But ever since I started getting flowers for my lil ritual daily I like the fragrance they leave behind.


Love and Laughter always

Rise and Shine


Wakey wakey eggs on bakey. I love early mornings. Its the best time of the day when the whole world is still having their beauty sleep.


The calmness, the serenity, the birds chirping and the sun rising is such a beautiful sight to watch. This is my “me” time everyday and it gives me a zeal of enery to pumpstart my day. It helps me put my thoughts in order.


Are you a Morning person??

Love and Laughter always

Japanese Streak


Off late I’ve been thinking if I was of Japanese ancestry in my previous birth. No, I don’t have slanting eyes or poker straight hair(I wish I did though, sigh).

I am a spotlessness freak in the literal sense. I have OCD when it comes to order and cleanliness. I am very meticulous about time. I don’t like being kept waited. I am a perfectionist. I have a please and thank you in every sentence of mine. I can survive of sushi and tempura 365 days of the year. I prefer Japanese food to Indian food any day. Isn’t this enough proof?

Jokes apart, a month ago I was amongst the company of 20 Japanese people who were visiting India for a laughter yoga course. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and watch them, there is so much to gather from a Japanese, their simplicity, humility, kindness and gratitude. We had taken them to the famous Rajdhani restaurant to taste Indian cuisine and something I observed was they finish what is served on their plate, they do not waste food. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their plates spotlessly clean after a meal. Their tissues were not folded back neatly and placed next to the plate.


I was startled when I was told that Japanese people are amongst the most stressed out people in the world. When you look at them, you can sense calmness but deep within is a different picture to paint.

At the end of the day there were many lessons to take home from them. Their simplicity, respect for others time (something which is rarely practiced in this side of the country), gratitude towards everybody big or small. Visiting Japan is definitely on my wish list and I cant wait to go explore this wonderful country and culture. Yes, at the end of the day I was communicating in sign language as I didn’t understand Japanese and they didn’t understand English but it was fun. Sayonara.


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Drugs and the Aftermath


It was one of those frenzied mornings and in the midst of all the drama, I managed to get some time on Twitter. While I was scrolling down my Timeline, I read a tweet, which read “RIP Cory Monteith”. I rubbed my eyes in suspicion to see if I was reading correctly. I was shocked and left straight-faced. Questions as to “why” and “how” were haunting me.

It was exposed yesterday that he died of substance abuse. I didn’t know how to respond. All of a sudden names like MJ,Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse started racing in my head, they all died of substance abuse as well. It made me ponder, are we so fragile that we let something deadly as drugs take the better of us? Drugs I believe were commercialized in the 1960s and nearly millions of people all over the sphere consume illegal drugs.

I’ve often heard people who say, ” Their goal in life is getting high”. They say there is a buzz in consuming pot and getting into a trance state of mind. They say they are at ease while snorting cocaine. They say they forget their worries while consuming or injecting themselves with a deadly drug. Once somebody told me they consumed pot before an interview as it made them peppier.

I always believe a line needs to be drawn between having fun and addiction. Yes, as adolescents you want to experience how it is to drink, smoke and maybe even do drugs. Try it but leave it at that. Don’t make it a dependency. Something that was started out for fun may later prove to be a major hitch in your life. Learn to have self control and say no.

We hear of people falling prey to drug abuse every other day. But has it ever hit you why we become victims to substance abuse? Today, we live in a highly bloodthirsty world and under tremendous pressure. Many believe drugs are a way to mitigate your stress. True? Not at all, it may give you a momentary relief but after a while you tend to feel worst than before. Peer-pressure, pressure to fit into society or be a part of a cult group who do drugs, monotony in life, isolation, rebellious nature are all some of the few signs of drug abuse. Drugs make you their victims. You get trapped looking for an answer for your problems but don’t realize that drugs itself is the superior problem. Drugs will make you go weak in your body and mind, it will kill you eventually like slow poison.

What do you do to overcome this problem, how can you escape It.? Firstly nobody other than you is to be blamed for your addiction. It’s your body if you cannot control it nobody else can. Stress and pressure are a part and parcel of life, overcome it. No, it’s not uber-cool to be a part of a group, which does drugs. Stay away from temptation. Get your life in order and back on track.

Live a life drug free. Life is beautiful, don’t abuse it before it kills you.

Stay Away From Drugs

Stay Away From Drugs

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