You Only Live Once – YOLO


Photography which will bring a nice warm smile on your face and want to look at the picture once again,I often tell him that he’s become too big for his boots.We met in the most weirdest way but we clicked instantly and today he’s one of my best friends. I tell him in the future when I have a beautiful lil girl, he will be my daughter’s Godfather. His dream is to have a beautiful daughter one day and shower her with all the happiness in the world.

When I told him I am going to be in my best shape for a Music festival we were all going to attend, he joked saying “you will have to spend all the time in gym then(well it never happened eventually)”. We have fought only once and the duration we were on no-talking terms was longer than the reason for the fight(we all act silly at times and it takes us a while to get back to normal).

There are very few men in my life who really know how to treat a “WOMAN” and he’s one among them. Kind-hearted and filled with warmth. A walking-talking music encyclopedia who swears by EDM. He makes me jealous every-time he pings me saying “I am attending another concert by so and so DJ”. Somebody who has a smile on his face always. When he told me he started penning down his thoughts in a blog, I was eager to go read them. His thoughts and writings best describe him “you only live once”. He justifies the statement

Please go read his blog, it’s beautiful

PS: Look at the picture closely K, you will know why I posted it. My photography skills aren’t as good as yours but never the less 🙂


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