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Cocktail Rings


Too much of bling hurts the eyes?? Out goes bling and in comes neon with a dash of brightness and freshness.

I have always loved rings since a kid. Not much of an accessory person but love rings in any form be it a big rock solitaire or nice intricate designs.

Cocktail rings have been my latest obsession and I can’t seem to get over it. Got these rings from an online store called 20Dresses. Do check them out, they have some really nice stuff lined up.


Pillars of Strength


I had written a similar post long back but didn’t like the way I had written it. So I thought, since I am on a writing spree today why not write a fresh post?

So Pillar of Strength?!? Rings any bells? Are you wondering “is she going to bore us with some iconic monumental place she visited”? Relax, it’s not even closely related to any place or thing.

My pillars of strength are my Family. I think for most of us it is right?? Well to start with we are funny, nice most of the times, weird occasionally and crazy always.If someone were to make a reality show on us we would be fetching the highest TRP’s. In other words we are a handful together,each one of us so different in personalities and nature. So thankfully my Mom can proudly say “my daughter inherited nothing from me and my Dad can say “my son doesn’t have any qualities of me”. We are not the typical family who say I love you and I miss you day in and out. Infact right after I got married, I got a bit emotional, shed a few tears and my Mom said ” Stop the drama,your going nowhere”. YES!!

Mom is somebody who has a heart of gold and has the strength of steel. It’s not in her nature to pamper you from head to toe and shower you with praises. She has her own way to show that she’s there for you. Her strength is her personality. Like I said earlier all of us are so different, but I really wish I can cook half as good as my Mom my husband would get better food at home!

Dad is the complete opposite of Mom. His No turns into a Yes in no time. He’s somebody whose built himself from scratch and stands where he is today with his own efforts and hard work. You cannot argue with him on anything cuz he knows it all.

Whatever I am today is and will always be because of my parents, strong, independent, confident and somebody who wants to make it big on my own.

I was the only child for almost ten years and even my brother was born I wished it was a girl and not a boy. When I went to see him in the hospital, he totally caught my attention and I smiled in glee. We are totally different like siblings, he’s like skinny fries and I am like an extra large cheese burger( in other words I mean he’s thin and I am fat). Not only when it comes to personalities but most of the times he acts like the older sibling. I wonder if I am actually ten years older to him.

The husband and myself are like chalk and cheese but what the hell, thats why opposites attract right?? I think I dominate him at times but I never accept it in front of him.

So that’s my Family we are crazy in our own ways but there for each other always to fall back upon. We are nothing without one and another. Life is beautiful and I am thankful, blessed always 🙂


Twinkle in her Eyes


At times some people enter your life like a storm and are here to stay. She entered my life like a gushing stream of water and did not return back ever again.

I always tell her you will give the President of any country a run for their position. Loud, bright, colorful, bubbly in other words a typical Delhi Kudi. If she opens her mouth to talk, it’s only when she sleeps she will shut it. Talks a dime to a dozen. She can beat up any guy and make him go weak in his knees but at the same time has the sensitivity of a girl.

Nature wise I love socializing and meeting new people but it’s very few who I actually let into my life. She’s one of the few. I have lost count of the number of guys who have asked me for her phone nos, sigh!!

Has a heart of gold, appears as tough as steel but isn’t. If I tell her she’s being an idiot n should be sensible she makes sure she proves herself to be an idiot again. She carries this charm around her even if you want to, you just cannot hate her, sigh again!!

I’ve lost count of the number of years we have been friends, but I cherish her presence in my life. Life is beautiful when wonderful people are a part of it. True??

Do you agree with the title R?? 🙂


Doctor Who


So I’ve been suffering from this excruciating back pain for a while now and it hasn’t got better. I’ve got so used to now, that it’s just a daily part of my life!

The husband has been sitting on my head to go visit my orthopedic for a while to check why it can’t be fixed. So a recent conversation we had was something like this…

Me: My back is killing me, I don’t know what to do.

Husband: Just go get it checked, why aren’t you going to your doc??

Me: Every time I visit him he keeps telling me to loose some fat. I don’t need a doc to tell me that, I know that myself.

Husband: It’s okay, still go!

Me: Whattttttt!!!

You Only Live Once – YOLO


Photography which will bring a nice warm smile on your face and want to look at the picture once again,I often tell him that he’s become too big for his boots.We met in the most weirdest way but we clicked instantly and today he’s one of my best friends. I tell him in the future when I have a beautiful lil girl, he will be my daughter’s Godfather. His dream is to have a beautiful daughter one day and shower her with all the happiness in the world.

When I told him I am going to be in my best shape for a Music festival we were all going to attend, he joked saying “you will have to spend all the time in gym then(well it never happened eventually)”. We have fought only once and the duration we were on no-talking terms was longer than the reason for the fight(we all act silly at times and it takes us a while to get back to normal).

There are very few men in my life who really know how to treat a “WOMAN” and he’s one among them. Kind-hearted and filled with warmth. A walking-talking music encyclopedia who swears by EDM. He makes me jealous every-time he pings me saying “I am attending another concert by so and so DJ”. Somebody who has a smile on his face always. When he told me he started penning down his thoughts in a blog, I was eager to go read them. His thoughts and writings best describe him “you only live once”. He justifies the statement

Please go read his blog, it’s beautiful

PS: Look at the picture closely K, you will know why I posted it. My photography skills aren’t as good as yours but never the less 🙂