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Mango Lust


So ever since Summers started the Husband has been running around like his pants were on fire, looking all over town for the best tasting mangoes. He might have bought Mangoes(all the possible varieties to be precise) from all the possible supermarkets in town which costed us a whole in our pockets but didn’t satisfy our taste buds. Finally he found this small unknown place where farmers from nearby villages come sell naturally grown mangoes at throw away prices. Taste wise they were a gastronomic feast.

From there started the lust for mangoes at my house. Everyday before heading home dedicated pit stops were made at the mango shop to buy kgs and kgs of mangoes. Yes, they were consumed on a daily basis. It got to a point where I could only see and smell mangoes in my house. Breakfast,lunch and dinner had to consist of the king of all time fruits without fail. It took over the presence of all other fruits at home,rather we had stopped buying any other fruit for the past two months.

Now that summers have come to an end(thankfully)in this part of the town and monsoons have set in, I can proudly say the mango lust has ended for this year. Till we meet again next year 🙂

As much as I loved this seasons mangoes it was getting a bit too much!


A Visit to Vaidehi Ashram


I met Siri couple of months back when I did a baking workshop. The first instance when you meet her, you will feel a ray of positive energy surrounding you.  Cheerful and bubbly, if your down in the dumps one second around her and your bound to bounce back to happy mode.

Before I met her in person I had been following her food blog “cookingwithsiri” and I must say her blog is one of the very few I follow regularly and experiment in my kitchen. She recently posted an article on the annual day celebrations at an Ashram she has been associated with. Before I could ask her, she invited me to come over on my next trip to Hyderabad and spend some time with the children there. It was like she read my mind. I jumped on hearing that and agreed instantly.

Children and me are inseparable. I share a special connection with children and if given a choice I would spend 365 days of the year every minute every second in the company of kids. I like to believe there is a child within each one of us no matter how old we grow and we should never let go of that.

So two days back I visited the Vaidehi Ashram along with Siri, which looks after and houses around 150 girls right from the age group of 3 onwards. I was excited and was waiting eagerly to go spend some time with the girls.  The minute I stepped into the Ashram I felt a sense of calmness around me. I met lil girls from the age groups of 3-8 years. I don’t think I’ll be able to exactly put in words the kind of emotions, which ran through my mind the minute I met them. My eyes became moist with happiness when I heard their cheerful laughter and chatter. These children are young tiny tots who have maybe gone through some of the worst experiences life has to offer abandoned by their parents etc. But when you meet them, their eagerness to show you the dance and songs they have learnt you feel thankful and blessed to be able to spend a few moments with them. They may have no one to call as their own but you can feel a sense of gratitude in them. Their innocence will melt your hearts away.

Like I said earlier it’s very difficult to express my feelings when I met these children. It actually made me sit and ponder over how blessed we are to have a family around us, to support us and take care of us. Count your blessings everyday and be thankful, as you’re fortunate to have the life your leading. It also made me think inspite of having whatever we have today we still crib for petty things, which may mean nothing.  The more you have the more you expect in life. In this whole confusion we tend to forget and look back at what we have and have a sense of gratitude. All we do is complain of having less and wanting more. Money can buy us all the luxuries in life, it can buy us materialistic happiness as well but it cannot buy you the support and strength a family can offer you. So lets be thankful though we may not have the best of everything in life, atleast we have a family to stand by us, there are many who don’t have the pleasure to call someone their family.

We all lead busy lives but do take out sometime to go spend some time with those who are less fortunate.  Trust me you couldn’t have been happier, when you meet these children who have no complaints about life or their circumstances. They are just eager to be able to laugh with you and spend some cherishable time with you. I believe in giving back in whatever small way I can afford to.

Siri, I am glad to have met someone like you and thanks for inviting me over 🙂


The Perfect Imperfect


How many of us are always trying to strive for perfection in everything we do right from our appearance to work and relationships?? Aren’t you bored of being “perfect” all the time? Do you know how it feels to let go at times? The feeling of letting go of a bunch of balloons high up in the air to fly far away into the sky.

Every parent expects their child to be a straight A student. My question is why should they be an A grade student always? Why can’t he/she be allowed to be a B grade student?

You’re a topper in your school and college. It may land you a job at a top-notch company and you may be in the top ranks there as well but don’t you get bored after a while?? Don’t you have the urge to loosen up once in a while, take a back seat and be an under-dog?

Why is that on your marriage day the bride and groom need to look their best,don the best kanjivarams and cashmere,drown yourself in diamonds and put on some 50coats of makeup? I know marriage is a one-in-a-lifetime-event but why can’t you choose to be a little imperfect? I had worn goggles the day I was made a bride and walked down the aisle to loosen up a bit and have some fun 🙂

Why is there a constant need to be in the best of shape always? Why aren’t we allowed to look fat and still be at our pretty best? I loose weight when I want to and other times I just let go, I don’t really bother about the piles of pounds I am putting on!

Life is not only about perfection. We need to loosen up once in a while and take a deep breathe. In our strive for perfection we end up loosing out on the smaller joys life has to offer. Think of it, you may strike a chord somewhere 🙂

I love being called the perfect imperfect and I wouldn’t mind being last in the rat-race of perfection because I like enjoying life at every phase 🙂

The Big NO


Have you ever been in a situation where an acquaintance asks you for a favor/help and you find yourself battling the huge task of saying NO??

I think most of us have been in such situations N no of times and we end up doing things for XYZ when deep down we don’t have the guts to say NO.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to excuse ourselves from things we don’t want to do? What stops us?? Are we scared of letting people down or does it hurt our ego.

Till a few years ago I found it extremely tough to put on a straight face and politely say “plz don’t mind but I don’t think I can do it”. I realized I am doing something to keep somebody happy but in the process I am not being myself. I would do anything to keep somebody happy but would you do it always even if you don’t want to?

Over the years I have learnt saying NO is not a crime at all. We just need to learn the art of saying it in a nice sugar coated way sprinkled with some chocolate chips on the top 🙂

Never do something just because you want to see or satisfy another person or a situation. Do something when you want to do it whole heartedly. Learn to say NO in some situations where you need to be firm. Don’t kill yourself with guilt later 🙂

Grandmother’s 75th


So yesterday my Grandmom turned 75 years and this was the first time we celebrated her b’day. The truth is we never knew her birthday till like a few weeks back. My Grandad happened to find her DOB n that’s how the while plan of coming up with a b’day celebration came up. Cute know??

I was excited to be celebrating her b’day cuz I really wanted to see how she would respond. She has always been this fuss-free kind of a person who doesn’t like much pomp n show ESP when it comes down to herself.

She kind of knew behind our backs that we were upto something and yesterday she tells me you know “I have the ears of a snake,I get to know everything” (obviously snakes don’t have ears that’s just a saying in Telugu). So though she grunted n grumbled for making her cut a cake n doing a whole family lunch thingy I think she secretly enjoyed 🙂

Here’s wishing my Grandmom a wonderful year ahead with good health, love,togetherness and happiness.





Weddings are the best place to hear aunties, ladies young and old chatter away about their kids, clothes,jewellery and the likes. It’s actually interesting to listen to this kind of gossip and trust me it’s a good time pass as well. I am all ears for such kind of stuff.

Recent conversations overheard at a wedding ….

“My son is earning XYZ salary and he’s working for a foreign company. He’s also visited the USA”

“Studious children will always study we will only have to worry about those who don’t”

“My son has got a job and he recently moved to Benguluruu(notice the exaggeration of the city)”

“Did you keep the gold safe? Yes,I got off all the jewellery, it’s safe”

“Do you know this year 2nd PU results are excellent everyone has got above 500”

“My daughter will be studying engineering what about your child”

“My son bought a 3bed-room apartment recently, he got it for a throw away price”

“Velvet blouses are back in fashion”

“I recently saw a saree weaved with roses it was really beautiful but the blouse was horrible”

“The gold prices are down now, it’s the best time to invest in some gold”

“XYZ’s Sangeet was beautiful, it seems they spent a lot”

“How many years since your son got married? Do they have any children?”

All these conversations happened in a native language n it had me in splits. I mean how people love showing off about their children is actually very funny!!