My Granddad – An Inspiration


Last week my Granddad celebrated his 85th b’day. On wishing him he had a very cute thing to say. He said “I’ve had a very long innings” and we both laughed after it.

85 years is indeed a long life and touchwood he is still the same young at heart person even till date. Age is only a number, which changes every year, but what remains is your personality. It’s up to you how you grow with your age. My Granddad has grown gracefully with age and every year he leaves me in awe all the time. He may be 85 but he can give any 20-year-old competition. For his age he’s perfectly fit and goes on with his day-day activities all by himself.

I am the first grandchild in the family and the only girl. We are a total of 5 grandchildren and all of us have been spoilt rotten by our grandparents. As far as I can remember the times and memories spent with my Granddad are still fresh in my mind and bring a smile on my face always.

He’s been one of my role models in my life and I have always looked up to him. Even at this age he wakes up at 3 everyday and performs his daily rituals of pujas and reading the Bhagvad Gita. A red tilak on his forehead, a nicely ironed white dhoti and a white formal shirt is how I would like to describe him. At this age he is well informed and knows every minute detail of his surroundings that it leaves a question in my head all the time that ” how is he so well informed even at this age”. He loves education and has always inspired me to be well educated and stand on my own feet. Every small achievement of mine always made him beam with pride.

There is so much to learn from him and I am still learning. He is filled with positive energy which is so contagious that you are actually made to sit n think life is indeed full of experiences and it’s a beautiful gift. There is this really sweet incident which I remember during the wedding ” I wanted my Grandad to bless me first”.

If I can be atleast 25% of what he is that would be a great achievement for me. There is so much to write about my Granddad but I don’t know this is the first time I am finding it difficult to put in down in words. I can sum it up by saying he is and will always be my inspiration. My inspiration to be a nice human being and to be kind, this is one of his many qualities which I adore. His recent wish was to teach him how to use the iPad so very soon he will be my hi-tech Grandpa 🙂

Recently my Granddad called me to plan for a surprise for my Grandmother who turns 75 years next month. What I found really cute is even after so many years of marriage the love and affection among them is still alive. They still look out for each other and nothing has changed. Relationships like my grandparents, my parents are all an inspiration for me and I wish to have such a long living relationship too in my marriage 🙂

Its all about looking out for each other and being there for each other 🙂

I wish my Granddad has another wonderful year ahead of him with all the love,happiness and good health always!

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  1. Good article , ur grandfather is not just inspirational to you , he is inspirational to all of them who know him personally.

    He is full of positive energy his presence makes you feel better . He is very energitic person and always gives good advices , nomatter whatever topic you speak infront of him he is aware of it and can provide you with a detailed analysis.

    He is 85 and till recent past he was going to office , that shows how energitic he is as a person , even your grandmother is very energetic and lively person , even at the age of 75 she takes care of her entire house.

    More than anything else both your grand parents are lovely people they are very affectionate people , when ever they speak you can feel the love and affection in their words .You are lucky to have grandparents like them,you have a wonderful family ……..:)

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