The Power of Life


My thoughts on the recent increase in the number of suicide. I am actually shocked that off late there has been a huge increase in the number of people committing suicides. The reasons vary right from dowry harassment to scoring fewer marks in exams or a love failure. You open the newspaper and everyday there is at least 1 story on a suicidal case. It’s sad to know that there are so many people who don’t really value life. I being a person who loves life and consider it a gift to live this beautiful journey called life find that it’s very weak on the part of the person who indulges in such acts. It’s disheartening to see people give up on their lives so easily. Why and from where do such thoughts come into the person’s mind?I personally feel we have no right to take our lives it is a gift given to us to live not to take away. There is no problem in the world for which on has to give up their life. Every problem has a solution, it may take a long time to overcome but every problem has to come to an end eventually. Life cannot be rosy all the time. We need to experience ups and downs to grow strong mentally and physically. Everybody has their own share of problems some express it some don’t some pass it off with a smile on their face.We need to have a mix and blend of everything in life else it gets very boring. Life without challenges is like a river without water.

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