Matchmaking-Tips for the perfect Partner


So it’s now your age to get married and your family is worried if you’ll settle down with the perfect spouse. Well,understandable.

But how about you?? Are you ready to take the huge plunge?? Does the M word scare you?? Offlate everyone I meet or know wants to run away from Marraige. When I was getting married I was the most excited and I just wanted to be called Mrs(so you know the excitement). I have a lot of friends who ask me how do we behave when we go to meet the prospective other groom. So I thought why not do a lil post on what to do and what not to do.

… Be yourself. Don’t try and fake being someone else. Well even if you do, how long can you fake eventually you will have to reveal your true self.
… Don’t be nervous,else you’ll end up making a fool of yourself.
… Be open. Don’t hide anything about your past. Common lets face it nobody is a saint here and your past shouldn’t bother your future.
… Compatibility check to ensure you’ll don’t end up pulling each others hair out at a later stage( North Pole and South Pole… Not good).
… There should be atleast 3-4 things common between you’ll.As much as its nice to be completely different people trust me it can be boring without any common interests.
… Looks matter,lets face it all those who say I am not bothered about looks are blatantly lying.
… Money matters,am not saying marry a billionaire but money plays a vital role to an extent. This doesn’t make you a money-minded person but it’s just about having a secure and comfortable future.

Last but not the least take time to get to know the person well before walking down the aisle. You might like the person today and tomorrow you may hate them. Make sure you’re with the right person before taking the plunge.

Happy Matchmaking and Finding 🙂

Do share any of your stories as well!!!

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