Daily Archives: March 5, 2013

Men and Television


Two Years back

Husband: If I knew you were a TV serials addict I would have thought otherwise.

1 Year back

Husband: I hardly get to watch TV nowadays thanks to ur serials.I used to only watch News,Sports channels and Discovery. Now I watch Zee Tv and Sony Tv.

3 months back

Husband: Do you know the latest developments in Quabool Hai? Remind me at 9.30 I don’t want to miss today’s episode.

Men and Cooking


Today Morning admist our usual daily chaos

Me: Can you please boil the sprouts
Husband: How do we do that?
Me: (with a look tht can punch him down) put them in the pressure cooker for three whistles
Husband: Okay

After an hour I open the cooker to check the sprouts,the sprouts have been boiled along with the plastic container I put them in.

Story of my life!!!!