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Husband and Wife Dairies


Husband: I am getting sick of Quabool Hai now.
Me: Why I thought you loved the serial??
Husband: They are just dragging the storyline now.
Me: Aren’t all serials the same??
Husband: I should have known better.


Matchmaking-Tips for the perfect Partner


So it’s now your age to get married and your family is worried if you’ll settle down with the perfect spouse. Well,understandable.

But how about you?? Are you ready to take the huge plunge?? Does the M word scare you?? Offlate everyone I meet or know wants to run away from Marraige. When I was getting married I was the most excited and I just wanted to be called Mrs(so you know the excitement). I have a lot of friends who ask me how do we behave when we go to meet the prospective other groom. So I thought why not do a lil post on what to do and what not to do.

… Be yourself. Don’t try and fake being someone else. Well even if you do, how long can you fake eventually you will have to reveal your true self.
… Don’t be nervous,else you’ll end up making a fool of yourself.
… Be open. Don’t hide anything about your past. Common lets face it nobody is a saint here and your past shouldn’t bother your future.
… Compatibility check to ensure you’ll don’t end up pulling each others hair out at a later stage( North Pole and South Pole… Not good).
… There should be atleast 3-4 things common between you’ll.As much as its nice to be completely different people trust me it can be boring without any common interests.
… Looks matter,lets face it all those who say I am not bothered about looks are blatantly lying.
… Money matters,am not saying marry a billionaire but money plays a vital role to an extent. This doesn’t make you a money-minded person but it’s just about having a secure and comfortable future.

Last but not the least take time to get to know the person well before walking down the aisle. You might like the person today and tomorrow you may hate them. Make sure you’re with the right person before taking the plunge.

Happy Matchmaking and Finding 🙂

Do share any of your stories as well!!!

Chocolate Lourveeeeee


Is there any living soul who doesn’t love chocolates?? I guess not!!! My love for chocolates began since my existence and it continues till date. When I am happy,down,stressed,mad,hungry nothing like having a chocolate. It gives me a high like nothing else. Just melts in your mouth,yummiliciousss!!! My fav is Hershey’s kisses with almonds. Love the softness of the chocolate and the crunchiness of the almond inside.


The Domestic Help Diaries


My Domestic Help: I got a new cycle. I am cycling to work everyday.

Me: That’s very nice.

I had gone home for lunch and after lunch I was leaving to go back to work. I had to take an auto so was walking towards the main road. My help finished her lunch at the same time and came out.

Me: That’s a very nice cycle.

DM: Yes it is. Are you taking an auto back now? Shall I give you a ride on my cycle.

Me: The cycle won’t move an inch forward also if I sit on it.

Respect to Womanhood – Change begins


This is not a post where I am going to rant and complain about the sad state of affairs of how women are generally treated all over the world,be it in India or anywhere else. We all know about how Women were always considered the weaker sex in society be it in d 10th century or the 21st century!!! That is something which is never going to change cuz the male testosterone is filled with pride and superiority and they would never let a woman rule over them.

Anyway like I said today I am not writing this post to talk about why we are treated badly etc etc but I would want to put across a few points on the change in the mindset of ourselves ‘the women’. Yes I am talking about bringing about small changes in our lives, maybe then collectively the outlook towards women can be changed.

Women need to learn how to detach themselves. Have you ever noticed how we cling on to every tiny thing be it family,relationships,work,things at home and around us? We always tend to create a very sentimental and emotional attachment. The difference between us and men are they know when to detach be it family or work wise. Life goes on where as we are stuck with emotional attachments. Whether we are at home or outside our mind is in two places we are always worried about the family or the child or if the servant is going to turn up today. When your child goes on a holiday more than the child it’s you who is worried if he/she has eaten,if they have slept well n the list goes on. Give yourself a break stop worrying the child will be fine.

Women need to stop feeding the male ego. It can be in any situation be it at home with your spouse,at work with your co-workers or under any normal circumstance. If you know what you’re doing is right stand up for it and voice it. Don’t give in to the male superiority and let them feel a sense of achievement.

Educate yourselves. Have an ambition and goal in life. Go out explore your interests. Earn your own bucks and be financially independent. The high you get from it cannot beat anything else.

Stop taking the entire weight on your shoulders. There is no hard fast rule that only women need to cook or do household chores. If you want things to change don’t expect change from the outside world, start from your own surroundings. Divide work equally at home if you can cook so can the man. Do the household chores together, even men can sweep and clean the house why not?? If you have children don’t take the entire responsibility on your head after all it’s your husband’s child as well. Let them also babysit the child,feed them,play with them and also cook their favorite meals. Trust me you’re not going to get a medal for doing everything yourself so learn to take a backseat and teach the man in your life that he needs to put in a hand too.

Women are their own enemies. It’s true we are our own enemies. It’s very rare that you find two women best of friends. We are always competing and comparing ourselves with other women. We are trying to be the better wife,the better mother,the better employee and the fitter lady. If you see another lady with an expensive branded bag the first reaction is ‘Oh she has such an expensive bag! I wish I could have one too’.

Stop the melodrama. Yes, I am being harsh,take it with a pinch of salt and accept it. We love being dramatic don’t we?? Tears come very easily to us,it’s like we have a bucketful of water waiting in our eyes to explode. Be strong and face situations with grit.

Have you ever heard of a Son-in-law and Mother-in-law fighting?? No it’s very very rare. How many times have you heard Daughter-in-law and Mother-in-law fighting?? Almost all the time right,so you see we are our own enemies. We are not here to kiss anybody’s ass. Do things the way you like it to be done not how your Mother-in-law wants it to be done. Stop being the scape goat, stand up for yourself and if anybody has a problem let them
deal with it. Don’t break your head over it. Don’t stress about it too much. I am not referring to only the relation between a Daughter-in-law and Mother-in-law but in general about any relationship. Just remember you can’t please everybody’s whims and fancies.

Love yourself. Even if your fat,thin,short or tall love yourself the way you are. Treat yourself to surprises once in a while. Take breaks in life spend time with yourself, it’s not always about house,work,family,husband and child. They will all survive without you for a few days.

Change begins from within so start from your own surroundings. We deserve to be loved and respected.

Your’s truly,
A fellow woman 🙂

Men and Television


Two Years back

Husband: If I knew you were a TV serials addict I would have thought otherwise.

1 Year back

Husband: I hardly get to watch TV nowadays thanks to ur serials.I used to only watch News,Sports channels and Discovery. Now I watch Zee Tv and Sony Tv.

3 months back

Husband: Do you know the latest developments in Quabool Hai? Remind me at 9.30 I don’t want to miss today’s episode.

Men and Cooking


Today Morning admist our usual daily chaos

Me: Can you please boil the sprouts
Husband: How do we do that?
Me: (with a look tht can punch him down) put them in the pressure cooker for three whistles
Husband: Okay

After an hour I open the cooker to check the sprouts,the sprouts have been boiled along with the plastic container I put them in.

Story of my life!!!!