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Fashionaholic and Foodie


So I am back 🙂

So I m going to do a lil bit of photo blogging as well … Hope ul enjoy it as much as I enjoyed tasting it 🙂

So breakfast today morning was authentic local food. We went to this restaurant called Gokul which is in Little India. This place is know for their mouth-watering food and their mockery with food. Yes you heard it right food mockery?? Do you even have the slightest clue what it means? Well these guys are a strictly vegetarian run restaurant but they serve chicken,fish and seafood which is vegetarian. Shocking much ?? Well I was too when I heard it and was eagerly waiting to taste the food.

We ordered Chinese Rajak which is a mix of fruits and vegetables mixed in peanut sauce n crushed peanuts. Then we ordered chow tau Kwai,Prata(Thts how paratha is called here) and Fish curry. But mind you everything is vegetarian. The food came in a while and trust me right from the appearance,feel and taste was exactly like a non-vegetarian dish. Well their lol secret is they use soya to create mock chicken and non-veg dishes. So I guess vegetarians stents missing out on anything 🙂

Post breakfast I set out on my own to orchard street , yayyyy ! Took the train to OS from Dhoby Ghat and in less than 20 minutes I was standing in front of Ion Orchard. Did you know there are nearly 23 shopping malls on this road … Wow … Emporio Armani,Louis Vuittion,Dior,Banana Republic,Vivienne Westwood you name it and its there. This street is like the 5th avenue in New York and its a fashion paradise for all fashion conscious people. I didn’t know where to start from and was totally confused in the head. I guess this is what happens when there is so much around you 🙂 I walked into the Hermes store first to check our their latest collection and was appalled. Have always loved their stuff. I slowly then moved towards Loius Vuitton Takashimaya,Tangs,Robinsons and in no time I was walking around the entire stretch of shops on this street . It can actually get tiring so throw away your heels and where something comfortable if your going to be around for a long time. I didn’t realize how time flew and I guess after I while I had a high dose of fashion making me confused in my head as to what should I pick up. I decided to look at other things which would help me to make up my mind as to what I wanted to buy. So I walked towards Lucky Plaza which is know for their electronic stores. I was looking out for cameras for my bro a D5100 n D7000. I went hopping from one shop to another and felt there was a huge price diff from each shop. I thought it was better to come back with Dad to buy the cameras as it would be a safer bet then. I was hungry n wanted to grab a quick lunch walked into their food court and had my fav fishball soup and kaya toast . Happiness in the tummy ..

Post lunch I wanted a coffee n walked into the Starbucks at Robinsons. Well I guess that’s how my 2nd day in Singapore was spent on Orchard street. It’s two days since I landed in Singapore and I must say people here have an impeccable sense of fashion. Everyone is smartly dressed and let me tell you there has not been a single person over here who I have not seen flaunting the best of fashion brands. I must also say have seen the most fashionable gays here , lol let me leave you at that 🙂20130125-153834.jpg20130125-153848.jpg20130125-153856.jpg20130125-153903.jpg

The Lion Saga


So this is one trip that I have been waiting for eagerly and for some odd reason it kept getting postponed every single time. Finally (I heave a huge sigh of relief saying this)the D-day came and I was I really going to take off for a long trip to one of my fav cities in the world… As much as I was excited about landing in Singapore in a few hours all the excitement died due to a very bad in-flight experience,that I actually wanted to go back home and sleep in the comfort of my own bed. I was on-board Malaysian Airlines and I have never experienced such a flight ever in my entire life. Firstly to begin with MA our Shatabdi Express provides better service then you’ll. Secondly you’ll seriously need to keep in mind the comfort of your guests,I was awake the entire 4 hour flight(it’s always not the monetary part). Thirdly your seating and space is pathetic,I am sorry to say this but I had to sit in the same position till I disembarked the flight at Malaysia. Last but not the least I ended up with a stiff neck and I have vowed never to fly MA ever again in the near future. But my miseries didn’t stop at this I was transiting at Malaysia for a few hours before I finally took off to Singapore and yes you might have guessed I was flying MA again.

In my mind I just wanted to reach Singapore ASAP,check-in to the hotel room and sleep.We finally took off towards the last leg of our journey and I was counting minutes before I landed at Changi International Airport. I always dreamt of visiting this airport,it’s one of the best and you took my breath away ever since I stepped into Singapore soil.

Immigration check done and we finally stepped out of the airport waiting for the car. The minute I stepped out what caught my sight was long,narrow roads,speeding BMW’s and greenery everywhere. Singapore I fell in love with you at first sight. Yes you’re the second thing I fell in love at first sight after the husband!!!!

The car came,luggage was loaded in the boot and we proceeded towards our hotel. What caught my eyes were sky scrapping buildings and narrow roads with lush greenery everywhere. And finally after a long wait I spotted you,yes my favorite Marina Bay Sands,perched like a boat. What a beauty it was!!! We reached the hotel in no time,checked in,freshened up and I was all set to take on the day. The tiredness and fatigue of the journey faded away and all I wanted to do was explore the city. I have always had this wish to explore a few countries on my own and Singapore was one of them. Me being the adventurous person wanted to set out on my own and see where the city took me towards.

Ever since I set foot outside today morning you have left me in awe. Right from catching the local cabs and walking around the whole city at a stretch-Raffles city,Marina Bay,Orchards street,Bugis,International plaza and so many more that I can’t remember. Wonderful lovely people flaunting the best of fashion. Ever since I learnt the word fashion I have been religiously following the likes of Burberry and Hermes. And to see it all under one cloud was too much for me to handle in a day. I didn’t know where to start from.

Admist all this being the Starbucks fan I am I was desperately looking for a Starbucks cafe to have my favorite Caramel frappuccino and Madeline. Finally I found one bang opp the international plaza and rushed there. I finally savoured the Madeline and frappuccino and decided that I would visit the famous Mustafa center today. I’ve heard so much about it and I didn’t realize why it was such a craze till I reached there. It’s a huge shopping mall spread across different wings,you name it and you find it there at the most affordable prices. Mustafa center is not one of those malls where you would find a Louis Vuitton or Botegga Veneta store but it has its own charm which attracts you.

In all my excitement I had lost count of time. It was almost time for dinner and I wanted to have some local delicacies. What’s the point in visiting a city when you can’t taste the local food right?? So we decide to go City Walk Mall and explore the food options there. Thanks to a few friends who were with us I got to taste the famous Claypot Rice Chicken and Chai tow kway which is radish and rice flour cooked in soya sauce. It was awesome and I kept wanting for more. Also I got to have my favorite iced Milo at food republic.

I didn’t do any shopping today as I am saving it up for tomorrow and I am also looking forward to travel in the city’s underground trains all by myself. Yes I am buying myself a train ticket and I am all set to go. As much as I am tired,I really wanted to write down my first day here. I loved it and enjoyed every minute,looking forward to the next few days.But I wish the rest of the family was there too it would have been awesome!!! There was not a single minute when I did not miss them!

Till we meet again tomorrow cu on the other side 🙂

A Catful Sankranthi


Soo guys how was ur Sankranthi??? Well how many of you”ll know the significance of Sankranthi?? For a matter of fact I wasn’t aware of it till a while ago,for me it was just having tasty pongal and sweets at home!!! Thanks to Google I found out that it’s the end of the harvesting / farming season and where there is a trans-migration in the sun-Wow and all this while I thought it was only about eating mouth-watering Pongal – slurppppp……..

For me festivals as such are days where the family gets together,show off in our new clothes  and gorge on mouth-slurping delicacies…. In my dictionary I have a different meaning for devotion-saying a small prayer everyday is my kind of thing!!! N thats about it so the same applies even on the days of a festival….

So this Sankranthi I almost forgot its the festival (I remember only B’days) and was still enjoying my dose of beauty sleep when my phone rang n I sprung out of bed… It then striked me that it’s the festival today n I should have showered n been ready by now(my grandma would have disowned me had she known I was sleeping till 10) … Anyways a little while after that the husband n me had a tu tu mein mein over whose going to prepare breakfast n we both were in no talking mode for a while(yes we fight cuz we are human). Well we like being in that mode till the egos are put aside n we make peace with each other(in our case it’s the husband who always puts aside the ego first..poor guy I love being pampered:P)

After all the mandatory calls wishing everybody Dad calls to let me know that we are going for a Habba Ootha and we should join them … I jump at the thought cuz like I said I love spending time with family and moreover I love eating out,saves me the trouble of cooking at home(yes I am lazy in that order).

So the whole family decked up in festival gear land up at Halli Manne to have Habba Ootha … Thanks to my folks we arrived early n saved ourselves from standing in a queue to get in(I hate waiting ESP outside a restaurant). The atmosphere inside was like that of a wedding hall where tables were set up the way they are done during weddings…I felt like I was eating at a Pelli bhojnam n as a matter of fact there r two things I love when it comes to food Pelli bhojnam(okay not at all places)and the Prasadam in Temples,aren’t they delicious??

We found our places and were seated comfortable waiting for the food to be served where out of the corner of my eyes I saw something move..I was dreading it wasn’t what I was thinking but alas it was…A CAT…yes a cat was moving around( I am terrified of cats to the extent that I will run in the opposite direction if I sight one). I don visit outdoor restaurants for the fear of finding a cat nesting below my feet. So now that I spotted this cat I was wondering how on earth did it even land up inside a restaurant n this being a very famous one…forget that I was petrified that I wanted to run but I was stuck I couldn’t move,neither could I put my feet up so while lunch was being served half my concentration was on the movements of the cat. I kept a watchful eye on the cat so that I could keep myself guarded in case it decided to jump on me …. Thankfully it didn’t n I was left to have my lunch in peace …. So this is exactly how I spent my Sankranthi thanks to the Cat.Eventful know? Hope yours was as eventful as mine 🙂 Till we meet again!!!!

Smile and you will have a million well-wishers


This weekend the most awaited and anticipated film “Seethama Vakkitllo Sirimalle Chettu” released. I have been waiting for the release of this film with bated breath. I am a complete family person and I love watching films which revolve around families. Basically I am a sucker for clean, nice family entertainers.

So finally yesterday the husband and I went to watch the film. The excitement was building up and I was counting hours before the show time. As usual we were running late and we reached the theater when they just started viewing the film. I was happy cuz they had only started displaying the titles of the film. The film began with a very beautiful description of the family members and slowly the story unfolded.
Am not here to review the film which everybody does but I would just like to put down a few feelings I felt after watching this beautiful film. The film conveys a very beautiful message “Smile and the world will smile with you”. It also tells us money, arrogance, fame, status in society all these things are secondary and really don’t matter in the broader perspective of life. I mean come to think of it today you may be a millionaire but is there any guarantee that you will remain one for the rest of your life. Let’s take the case of beauty we put in so much effort to look beautiful all the time but when we grow old are we going to look the same way we did when we were 20 years old? No of course not, we would have wrinkles (of course there’s Botox but for how long?), our skin would be sagging etc). So likewise nothing is permanent people may remember you for your pretty face for a few seconds but after that they wouldn’t even be bothered. Even in life you are not going to be remembered for your money or status in society but for your goodwill. The film also conveys that family is everything and it’s so true. People walk in and out of our lives every day but family is the one who will stick by us at all the times.

Isn’t it so true? When you smile you would have an ocean of well wishers but when you are grumpy who would even want to come near you? When we smile it reflects the beauty within us. It gives out so much of warmth, love and togetherness. When you smile you can make another person happy.
In our fast paced lives due to the immense pressure of reaching to the top and earning big bucks we often forget to smile. Have you ever noticed when was the last time you had a wonderful smile on your face or when you greeted somebody with a genuine smile?

So let’s forget about how much we have or what we are let’s just try to remember to smile. More than anything else is sure all of us would like to be remembered as a nice person. In your hardest times its your goodwill and niceness which will earn you brownie points:-)

So yeah do go watch the film am sure you will love it as much as I did.

P.S: Am watching it again today:-)

A ray of light


A ray of light

Have you heard this saying “There is a ray of light at the end of every tunnel”?? It’s so apt know? Even in life there is always a ray of light,a ray of hope so each day lets tell ourselves there is light towards the end of the day 🙂 There is hope!!!!!




I know am late but here’s wishing all my readers a very Happy New You-2013 ….yes you heard it right instead of wishing one and another a very Happy New Year which is kind of regular and outdated lets wish one and another a very Happy New You…
Let’s hope this year we learn something new about ourselves, try to become better individuals. Work on our flaws and hope that we can be better individuals in the year to come 