Why don’t all questions have answers?


Recently before Diwali was out with family doing diwali shopping and I received a call. My heart just skipped beat. A very close friend of my family had passed away leaving behind two young sons aged 20 and 18. She had lost her husband exactly 10 years back and few weeks back she passed away.  

My whole family was in shock and on our drive back home we all remained quiet with various thoughts running in our mind. I wanted to cry out loud but I couldn’t I was feeling choked. All I could think of was what about those two young boys? Who will look after them now? Who will they speak to if they need somebody to place a hand on their shoulder? I was going through a mixed set of emotions that of anger, sadness and pain. In my head I kept asking myself “why why did you do this to those young boys”

I am a firm believer in God and prayers but at that point I felt that this shouldn’t have happened. It was very unfair. I felt why is it that some people have it all and some are made to go through worst situations in life? Why the biased ness?  I just had questions running all over my mind but with no answers.

At that point of time I just realized in life we complain about so many things and forget to appreciate the small things around us. I felt why we always look at what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we have. There are so many incidents happening around the world every second which we are not even aware of. The next time you think of complaining think of the less fortunate people and be grateful for what you have.

RIP Aunty. May God give strength to your young boys and one day they will surely make you’ll proud. It was a pleasure knowing you. You were one of the most loving people I have come across in my life. Will miss you.

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