Till your last breathe


So last week the legend “Yash Chopra’s” much awaited film released Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The tickets for the film were sold out like hot cakes. Every show was sold out and it was the talk of the town. So finally a friend of mine and me decided to go watch the film. We didn’t bother to book tickets thinking we will get a few but our luck ran out and all the shows were sold out. We got tickets for a later show, paid a bomb of a price for them and had to wait for two hours to watch the film. But all the while in our heads we were like it will be worth the wait. So finally it was show time and we were all geared up to watch the film. I was super excited (well I always am) and I had my tub of popcorn ready as well to munch away. The film started with a very tense opening and lead to a flashback in sometime. Lovely picturesque locations, amazing photography and locales were the plus points of the film. It was a simple love story of two people who wanted to be together but could not due to certain beliefs. Well I was super happy to see a yash chopra film after a long time but somewhere I felt it missed the essence a yash chopra film usually has. I am a die hard romantic and love mushy mushy stories. But I felt the film was a bit too long and it lost track in between.

But being someone who believes and swears by the word “love” there was a message to carry back after watching the film. If you love a person truly and you can’t be together is it worth waiting for the person? Also do you need to be with someone because you need to? Can you keep the person and yourself happy? In my earlier posts I did speak about how relationships work and how we need to keep the love going. But after watching the film it got me thinking that if something is meant to be it will be. No matter what circumstances you face or the distance apart when the time arrives if two people are meant to be together they will be. And yes it is worth the wait, the time may seem long but nothing like being with the person who loves you the most and whom you love more than anything in this world. Do watch this film if you believe that true love exists.

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