Take a backseat


So off late I haven’t been in the pink of health and thanks to the family I have taken some time off from work to get back onto track. It was tough to make this decision as I am a workaholic and the thought of not doing anything, just take rest was killing me.

Finally my leave started and the first week it was very tough. My body was tuned to wake up at a certain time and then I realized that I can actually sleep in late and need not rush. I went crazy the first one week, I was bored and I was tired not being able to do anything. All I did the entire time was sleep and take rest. Weeks passed by and I slowly began to realize that maybe I did the right thing by taking some time off from the monotonous daily schedule. The family has been pampering me like crazy and makes sure I just take enough rest and get back on my feet.

I realized that I actually needed to stop and take a backseat. Maybe my body was signaling different sins but I always ignored it. Now while on rest I felt relaxed and care free. I realized that at times we need to listen to our body clock and take breaks once in a while. It does well to the mind and soul. It refreshes you and gets you energized to come back with a bang.

Earlier my daily schedule was so crazy that I didn’t have time to even sit down and have a proper meal in a day. It was either gobbled down or on the run. I lacked sufficient sleep and mind was always filled with thoughts on work and the pressure which comes along with it. I am glad I am resting now and it’s doing well to me health wise always. I at least get to sit down and have breakfast now J


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