Monthly Archives: November 2012

Take a backseat


So off late I haven’t been in the pink of health and thanks to the family I have taken some time off from work to get back onto track. It was tough to make this decision as I am a workaholic and the thought of not doing anything, just take rest was killing me.

Finally my leave started and the first week it was very tough. My body was tuned to wake up at a certain time and then I realized that I can actually sleep in late and need not rush. I went crazy the first one week, I was bored and I was tired not being able to do anything. All I did the entire time was sleep and take rest. Weeks passed by and I slowly began to realize that maybe I did the right thing by taking some time off from the monotonous daily schedule. The family has been pampering me like crazy and makes sure I just take enough rest and get back on my feet.

I realized that I actually needed to stop and take a backseat. Maybe my body was signaling different sins but I always ignored it. Now while on rest I felt relaxed and care free. I realized that at times we need to listen to our body clock and take breaks once in a while. It does well to the mind and soul. It refreshes you and gets you energized to come back with a bang.

Earlier my daily schedule was so crazy that I didn’t have time to even sit down and have a proper meal in a day. It was either gobbled down or on the run. I lacked sufficient sleep and mind was always filled with thoughts on work and the pressure which comes along with it. I am glad I am resting now and it’s doing well to me health wise always. I at least get to sit down and have breakfast now J


Why don’t all questions have answers?


Recently before Diwali was out with family doing diwali shopping and I received a call. My heart just skipped beat. A very close friend of my family had passed away leaving behind two young sons aged 20 and 18. She had lost her husband exactly 10 years back and few weeks back she passed away.  

My whole family was in shock and on our drive back home we all remained quiet with various thoughts running in our mind. I wanted to cry out loud but I couldn’t I was feeling choked. All I could think of was what about those two young boys? Who will look after them now? Who will they speak to if they need somebody to place a hand on their shoulder? I was going through a mixed set of emotions that of anger, sadness and pain. In my head I kept asking myself “why why did you do this to those young boys”

I am a firm believer in God and prayers but at that point I felt that this shouldn’t have happened. It was very unfair. I felt why is it that some people have it all and some are made to go through worst situations in life? Why the biased ness?  I just had questions running all over my mind but with no answers.

At that point of time I just realized in life we complain about so many things and forget to appreciate the small things around us. I felt why we always look at what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we have. There are so many incidents happening around the world every second which we are not even aware of. The next time you think of complaining think of the less fortunate people and be grateful for what you have.

RIP Aunty. May God give strength to your young boys and one day they will surely make you’ll proud. It was a pleasure knowing you. You were one of the most loving people I have come across in my life. Will miss you.

Till your last breathe


So last week the legend “Yash Chopra’s” much awaited film released Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The tickets for the film were sold out like hot cakes. Every show was sold out and it was the talk of the town. So finally a friend of mine and me decided to go watch the film. We didn’t bother to book tickets thinking we will get a few but our luck ran out and all the shows were sold out. We got tickets for a later show, paid a bomb of a price for them and had to wait for two hours to watch the film. But all the while in our heads we were like it will be worth the wait. So finally it was show time and we were all geared up to watch the film. I was super excited (well I always am) and I had my tub of popcorn ready as well to munch away. The film started with a very tense opening and lead to a flashback in sometime. Lovely picturesque locations, amazing photography and locales were the plus points of the film. It was a simple love story of two people who wanted to be together but could not due to certain beliefs. Well I was super happy to see a yash chopra film after a long time but somewhere I felt it missed the essence a yash chopra film usually has. I am a die hard romantic and love mushy mushy stories. But I felt the film was a bit too long and it lost track in between.

But being someone who believes and swears by the word “love” there was a message to carry back after watching the film. If you love a person truly and you can’t be together is it worth waiting for the person? Also do you need to be with someone because you need to? Can you keep the person and yourself happy? In my earlier posts I did speak about how relationships work and how we need to keep the love going. But after watching the film it got me thinking that if something is meant to be it will be. No matter what circumstances you face or the distance apart when the time arrives if two people are meant to be together they will be. And yes it is worth the wait, the time may seem long but nothing like being with the person who loves you the most and whom you love more than anything in this world. Do watch this film if you believe that true love exists.