Life as it is


Over the weekend the husband and I watched a film called “Heroine”
Reading by reviews since the film had released I was really thinking if I should go and watch the film. Then finally I thought why not lets go and watch. I was really surprised by the talk surrounding the film cuz I really liked the film. It shows the high and lows of a film actress and how she deals with life emotionally. What was shown in the film is what actually happens in reality.

Maybe the film did bring back memories of the earlier films made by the same director and similarities could be drawn but what he tried to depict was absolutely the truth and what a person goes through in reality. The actress is in a mess when she does not do well career wise, she’s insecure in her relationships, she’s not sure of herself which translates into a very unusual behavior in her. It not only relates to film stars but everybody in general. We all go through different emotions in different phases of our lives and each one of us has different ways of dealing with it. Yes money,fame,success can get to your head and you live a fairytale life but all of a sudden when one day all that vanishes reality hits you. And why do things affect you so badly? Have you ever thought about it?

Well the answer is simple when you’re used to living a particular lifestyle letting go of it becomes difficult. We are all resistant to change and find it difficult to step down one level lower. We find it difficult to cope with things we go berserk, we go through an emotional turmoil. Why only with a particular lifestyle even with relationships as long as we are in it we are happy, if it does not work out we feel our world is falling apart. Yes it hurts when things don’t work out but is it the end of the tunnel? I believe there is light at the end of every tunnel, it’s difficult to deal with failure and rejection, it hurts but if you are willing to give yourself another chance then nothing like it. yes in relationships we tend to get too attached and we are used to doing things together with the person that we feel if the person is not around our lives mean nothing. Attachment is good but not to an extent where you become a wreck.

Life is full of ups and downs we need to be grounded at all times and have an experience of everything in life. We need to learn to be stable and stand up when things go wrong. If things go wrong it’s not the end, there is more to it take a leaf out of the experience so that you don’t commit the same mistake in the future. Every experience be it in ur life, career or relationship has a lesson in it. if it does not work out well don’t lose faith and give up instead try to learn what you can from the experience. Don’t let it affect you to such an extent that you can’t face yourself.

Every experience in life is worth living not giving up 🙂

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