My Joy of Baking


So it’s only recently that I realized how much I love cooking rather baking. Cooking I can just about manage; I would rather whisk up something in ten minutes flat and eat it up. But baking is another ball-game all-together. My love with baking started recently and it hasn’t stopped.

My first trial was baking a normal chocolate cake it turned out pretty fine but the crust was lil burnt, but the husband very sweetly finished it up and had showers of praises for me. So slowly n steadily I have been baking cakes now n hope to take this passion of mine a step further in the near future. Isn’t it nice to always have a vision n think ahead working towards it?

But what I realized while I boarded on this whole new journey of baking was its therapeutic. It calms me down and soothes me like the sound of some good music playing in the background. I have all the patience in the world (which I normally don’t have while cooking a three course meal) to mix, knead, whisk and pour. Yes yes I know some of the baking terms and I am showing off now 

Few years back I wouldn’t even dream of baking a cake but here I am … each day I discover something new about myself and that is what excites me so much about life 

Till we meet again keep smiling 

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  1. I share exactly the same sentiment. I love to bake because it keeps me learning. And it’s very therapeutic! I started my blog to share what I learn each time I bake, even when it goes wrong it’s still fun. Plus it helps me gain favour with my friends and colleagues. 🙂

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