My Darling FIGO


Okay I know I have been MIA but have been terribly tied up with other things in life,well we all are busy aren’t we?

Two years back somewhere around this time a lil bundle of joy, a new addition came into our family “OUR FIGO” a few months old St.Bernard’s pup. This was our first pup for my sibling and me. My entire family loves animals and has grown up with pets around. But this was our first pet at home and we were really excited. I went berserk shopping for her got her a lil house, clothes n toys to play.

Suddenly everyone’s attention was on our FIGO, the whole neighborhood was in our house to just have a glimpse of her. The first few nights were tough as she used to be awake all night and we were really protective of her. Basically we wanted her to feel at home and get used to the new surroundings. Well I guess that was just for a day cuz from day two she took over the whole house. She was my morning alarm everyday would come and wake me up the minute she got up, anybody who rang the door bell she would be the first to stand near the door. Our house furniture is filled with her teeth marks thanks to lil FIGO and she chewed away all my shoes to royalty. I remember we were so excited that we even did a photo shoot for her n let me tell u she was a poser.

I can go on and on about our lil one but all I want to say is pets teach you so many things. They are your best friends and will never leave your hand.So is my FIGO.So if you don’t have pets you really don’t know what your missing out on.

Love u darling always

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