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Seize the Day


“Seize the Day….Carpe Diem” This is one statement I live by every day of my life. There is this wonderful film called “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara” which I must have seen god knows how many times but I can so relate to the film in every aspect of my life. The message which the film gives out is so apt. forget your inhibitions forget your fears seize the day, live it like your last don’t worry what tomorrow has in sight. So true right? How many of us hold onto things and don’t have the guts to do certain things we always wanted to?

I always wanted to get a tattoo done but was always scared of the pain. So close to sometime two years back I gathered the guts and finally got my tattoo done. Before I could think of it was done and over but more than that I was very happy that I finally did get my tattoo inked. And guess what the next day I went and got another one done. There was no looking back again. I always had the fear of water and though I love swimming and scuba diving I had this fear within me that something would happen to me. But over time I actually realized by what I am missing out on by just holding onto my fears. That’s when I decided if I have any sort of fear or inhibitions I would rather face it than shy away from it. When you face your fears the confidence which comes out of it is that of winning a war against something deadly. Life is too short to live in fear and hold back. Soo seize the day my friends 

Life as it is


Over the weekend the husband and I watched a film called “Heroine”
Reading by reviews since the film had released I was really thinking if I should go and watch the film. Then finally I thought why not lets go and watch. I was really surprised by the talk surrounding the film cuz I really liked the film. It shows the high and lows of a film actress and how she deals with life emotionally. What was shown in the film is what actually happens in reality.

Maybe the film did bring back memories of the earlier films made by the same director and similarities could be drawn but what he tried to depict was absolutely the truth and what a person goes through in reality. The actress is in a mess when she does not do well career wise, she’s insecure in her relationships, she’s not sure of herself which translates into a very unusual behavior in her. It not only relates to film stars but everybody in general. We all go through different emotions in different phases of our lives and each one of us has different ways of dealing with it. Yes money,fame,success can get to your head and you live a fairytale life but all of a sudden when one day all that vanishes reality hits you. And why do things affect you so badly? Have you ever thought about it?

Well the answer is simple when you’re used to living a particular lifestyle letting go of it becomes difficult. We are all resistant to change and find it difficult to step down one level lower. We find it difficult to cope with things we go berserk, we go through an emotional turmoil. Why only with a particular lifestyle even with relationships as long as we are in it we are happy, if it does not work out we feel our world is falling apart. Yes it hurts when things don’t work out but is it the end of the tunnel? I believe there is light at the end of every tunnel, it’s difficult to deal with failure and rejection, it hurts but if you are willing to give yourself another chance then nothing like it. yes in relationships we tend to get too attached and we are used to doing things together with the person that we feel if the person is not around our lives mean nothing. Attachment is good but not to an extent where you become a wreck.

Life is full of ups and downs we need to be grounded at all times and have an experience of everything in life. We need to learn to be stable and stand up when things go wrong. If things go wrong it’s not the end, there is more to it take a leaf out of the experience so that you don’t commit the same mistake in the future. Every experience be it in ur life, career or relationship has a lesson in it. if it does not work out well don’t lose faith and give up instead try to learn what you can from the experience. Don’t let it affect you to such an extent that you can’t face yourself.

Every experience in life is worth living not giving up 🙂

Life is beautiful-Indeed it is


“Life is beautiful” how many of you actually believe and preach this statement?

I do every second of my life, every breath I take in I feel privileged to be able to live this beautiful gift called life. Today the husband n me happened to see this film which is also named as “life is beautiful”.

It’s a story with a message u carry back home. Nothing matters in life whether we are rich or poor it all depends on how we want it to be. It tells you your rich and that’s okay, you have arrogance written all over you but how long will you live with it? One day eventually it will all come down.

A person who drives a Porsche or a Bentley isn’t bigger than anybody else neither is a person who runs a small tea stall any smaller. In my opinion we are all equal. Rich n poor is just a classification made by society. Have you ever noticed the rich n elite ones are never satisfied with what they have as there is greed to want more? On the other hand a family whose monthly income is just 4k is still very happy with what they have and lead a satisfied life with no complaints. Also they enjoy every stage of life as it’s a challenge to overcome day-to-day problems. While the Richie rich ones lead the same old life day in and day out as they have everything and nothing much to fight for. That makes life pretty much boring right?

You dress yourself up in the most expensive cashmere and carry around your trademark Burberry, you are bound to get a few “ooo’s and aaa’s” from people around you but how long will that attention remain? It’s temporary; people will just remember your branded attire and accessories for a few minutes’ sometimes even seconds and forget about it. But what remains in their minds is your nature and persona. You have a lavish wedding spending crores of money, your guests will only remember this for a while but what will remain with them is how well they were treated. Money can buy you all the Louis Vuitton’s in the world but it can never buy you the beauty of life, it can never buy you generosity.

I am privileged to have had the best of everything in life and I am thankful everyday for it but one thing which was always imbibed in me was to be grounded and to know my values. Arrogance will fetch you a million haters but kindness will fetch you a zillion admirers.

If you have the money it really doesn’t matter as nothing is constant in life what really matters is happiness. It will last you a lifetime. So rich or poor really doesn’t matter life is beautiful enjoy every minute of it.

My Joy of Baking


So it’s only recently that I realized how much I love cooking rather baking. Cooking I can just about manage; I would rather whisk up something in ten minutes flat and eat it up. But baking is another ball-game all-together. My love with baking started recently and it hasn’t stopped.

My first trial was baking a normal chocolate cake it turned out pretty fine but the crust was lil burnt, but the husband very sweetly finished it up and had showers of praises for me. So slowly n steadily I have been baking cakes now n hope to take this passion of mine a step further in the near future. Isn’t it nice to always have a vision n think ahead working towards it?

But what I realized while I boarded on this whole new journey of baking was its therapeutic. It calms me down and soothes me like the sound of some good music playing in the background. I have all the patience in the world (which I normally don’t have while cooking a three course meal) to mix, knead, whisk and pour. Yes yes I know some of the baking terms and I am showing off now 

Few years back I wouldn’t even dream of baking a cake but here I am … each day I discover something new about myself and that is what excites me so much about life 

Till we meet again keep smiling 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


Rainy Days Aren't Always Bad

About a year and a half ago, I decided to start baking. I was sick of watching the bananas on my apartment counter turn black and not have anything to do with them. I was sick of every other person I knew making chocolate chip cookies from scratch. So I did what you do in the modern age and got online and looked up baking recipes and I started making bread from bananas and cookies from scratch. It became an obsession. I started baking almost once a week.

Last December I threw a baking party for a friend who was graduating. For 2 days I baked, and baked, and baked. The apartment smelled like cookies, and pie, and cake, and cranberries, and breads (they overflowed the apartment for another week).

I bake when I’m bored. I bake when I’m hungry. I bake when I have nothing else to do. I…

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Meringue with Raspberries and Cream.



A tale of Two

A match made in heaven: soft raspberries and crispy, at the same time chewy meringue. Whenever we have this as dessert, both guests and hosts solemnly, silently sometimes sighing finish their portions, from time to time pleasantly gazing at each other and feeling at one with the world. At least Philine does!


for two

egg whites – 2
caster sugar – 90 g
a pinch of salt
juice of a lemon
hazelnuts, grounded and toasted – 1 heaped tablespoon

cream – 150 g
raspberries – a handful

Preheat the oven to 200° C. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and brush with butter.
Whip egg whites with salt to stiff peaks. Gradually add the sugar and continue until shiny. Add the lemon juice and fold in the grounded hazelnuts.
Pour the batter into the baking dish and bake for 10 – 15 minutes until…

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Satyamev Jayate(The truth alone prevails)


Can there ever be a better telivision show than this…Aamir always raises the bar.


There are thousands of people living in this world who will brag about what wonders they would do if they were given a chance to rule.Many spent their lives only criticizing others rather than making themselves useful.They will give out pointless suggestions ,tell the stories of their so-called victories but then there are people who understand what is going on in their surroundings.They know what is needed for the betterment of their people.They act rather than sitting and talking.
Nowadays media plays a very important role in changing the thoughts of a society.Good media promotes good thoughts in the society while bad media is no less than a nuke.It can cause destruction of minds specially those minds who are leading there lives surrounded by electronic media 24/7 which includes everyone today.The channels these days would air anything that they think will increase their TRP’s.The fact that whatever is aired on…

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My Darling FIGO


Okay I know I have been MIA but have been terribly tied up with other things in life,well we all are busy aren’t we?

Two years back somewhere around this time a lil bundle of joy, a new addition came into our family “OUR FIGO” a few months old St.Bernard’s pup. This was our first pup for my sibling and me. My entire family loves animals and has grown up with pets around. But this was our first pet at home and we were really excited. I went berserk shopping for her got her a lil house, clothes n toys to play.

Suddenly everyone’s attention was on our FIGO, the whole neighborhood was in our house to just have a glimpse of her. The first few nights were tough as she used to be awake all night and we were really protective of her. Basically we wanted her to feel at home and get used to the new surroundings. Well I guess that was just for a day cuz from day two she took over the whole house. She was my morning alarm everyday would come and wake me up the minute she got up, anybody who rang the door bell she would be the first to stand near the door. Our house furniture is filled with her teeth marks thanks to lil FIGO and she chewed away all my shoes to royalty. I remember we were so excited that we even did a photo shoot for her n let me tell u she was a poser.

I can go on and on about our lil one but all I want to say is pets teach you so many things. They are your best friends and will never leave your hand.So is my FIGO.So if you don’t have pets you really don’t know what your missing out on.

Love u darling always