The Mirror Test


Apart from looking into the mirror to check how fat we look or if the eyeliner is smudged or if the hair gel has been set properly do we ever look at mirror just like that? Do we look into the mirror at least once a day n look at our mirror image? Do we tell ourselves we are beautiful and give yourself a nice pat on the back?

To be honest many people find it very difficult to even look at their face in the mirror leave alone telling themselves they are beautiful. Why do we find it so difficult to look into the mirror? Why do we find it so hard to tell ourselves ‘Yes we are worth it and we are beautiful people’?

I have been following this ritual for many years now after being taught about this in a workshop. Everyday in the morning I look into the mirror for 10 minutes not to complain about my flaws but to appreciate what I have. It makes me feel good from within. If you don’t love yourself how can we expect others to love us? If we think we are the ugliest beings on mother earth but want everybody to think that you are the most beautiful person doesn’t work right? You need to feel nice about yourself in order to want others like you. So look into the mirror everyday, spend a couple of minutes and tell yourself you are the ‘most beautiful person’

In my eyes we are all beautiful people and each of us are unique in our own way. The word ugly and bad do not exist in my world 🙂

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