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Do Relationships fade with time??


Do Relationships fade with time ??

Do you’ll think it’s true that after a while it looses it’s aura and spice??

Like we always say ‘you will get bored doing the same task day in and day out you will need a change at some point’

True,very true I stand by that at every stage in our lives we need lil changes like refresher courses to keep us going. But tht can be applied to practical life but can the same be applied to a relationship?

I don’t think in relationships with parents and siblings one can ever get bored or d relationship can fade but when it comes to a marriage is it the same ?? Can it fade and loose it spice with time ??

This thought hit my grey matter when somebody I knew was telling me about how a particular Mr.X kept thinking of other people n wanted to make ‘so called frannnshipps’ with A,B,C inspite of being married for some 15 odd years.

I was actually taken aback cuz for me marriage is a lifelong relationship n it’s a lifelong commitment. My partner is my bestest friend n soulmate n I can never think of anybody else to take his place in my life. Be it after 15yrs or even after 30 it will remain the same.

It actually got me thinking do relationships really create a distance n become dull after a while? Maybe it’s true maybe two people are still together for the sake of being together but have no feelings for each other like they had couple of years back.

Well in my opinion like we need lil getaways from our daily routines in marriage also we need small getaways now and then.

Just because two individuals r married doesn’t mean that’s the end to life and u cut back on everything else. I c tht happening most of d times u cut off from friends from activities you probably enjoyed doing before marriage et al. Obviously in such scenarios your relationship would become dead as its only the both of you won’t you get bored looking at each others face everyday ? Anybody would.

So what do you do ??

Firstly the prime rule to remember is your just getting married it’s just another mask your going to don Just another important person is going to be a part of ur life somebody whom you love and care for. Everything else remains the same there’s no need for a change.

You can still meet your friends go out have a girls/boys night out,still continue taking time out for ur fav hobbies etc but make sure u don’t overdo it as anything overdone is never good n it shouldn’t become a top priority of your life. Take lil breaks go for small holidays with your better half relive your old days ,do things you’ll loved doing when you were younger n haven’t done it for a while.

The beauty of any relationship is you need to keep it alive and keep it going.

Till we meet again 🙂