The Ups and Downs of a Relationship


Life as we know it…

Recently the husband and I saw a film called ‘Love Failure’…

An awesomely cute film and I am sure anybody who’s seen the film will vouch on it.

The film talks about the reason behind failures in anybody’s love life, how petty issues, small misunderstandings can lead to creating a large void in an individual’s life and creating animosity among two people.

Isn’t it true? We hold small petty issues against each other and by the time we realize it would have become a full-fledged blown matter. Once anything is blown-up it’s very difficult to cover the damages right?

What stops us? Have you realized whenever we have a fight or a misunderstanding with either your parents or partner or friends we expect the other person to come break the ice? Does our ego come in between…why do we hold back? Why do we hold on to things and expect somebody else to patch up things?

In this process we don’t realize that we are wasting a lot of time and spoiling a relationship. By the time we get back to our senses the damage done would be too big to be repaired….

As individuals we should learn to let go of such silly issues and not let negativity bog down upon us. The more we cling onto anything the harder it gets to get back to normal.

The reason why 90 % of relationships collapse today is ‘our ego’s ‘, put aside your ego and your relationship will be beautiful 

Trust me every relationship is all about making the best out of it and being positive.

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