Why are we so backward still when it comes down to a Woman


Why is it that even till today,we are so conservative in our thoughts about Woman.
I an writing this post sitting in a bookstore and it hits me no matter what happens we tend to put the blame on a Woman at the end. A marriage doesn’t work out-oh the girl wasn’t a nice female , Children are not well brought up n well behaved- oh the Mother didn’t bring them up well. SSomething goes wrong in the family or business-oh it’s because of the new daughter-in-law who has entered the family. Why are Woman such easy preys and are held victimised for every thing happening on planet earth.
We live in a highly educated environment but still our thinking is zero. Why are woman so vulnerable to being blamed??? Maybe this Is a scenario which will never change and there will be no answers. The other day somebody was telling the Man can say whatever he wants and do what he wants to do but a Woman cannot why the discrimination. We are no less we are equally educated we earn equally and we take equally infact more responsibility in every aspect of life. Infact even the word “Woman has Man to it, think about it:

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