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Can we live and be happy by the choices we make?


Yesterday I had put up a status message on my FB page saying ” I wish life was so easy that we could walk away from things we don’t like and don’t want to be in” …A very close friend replied saying ” It doesn’t matter as these are the small things we do to bring happiness in others sooo the feeling is totallly different”….!!!!!!

Well i have a completely different thought and look to it.I agree at some point in life we all do things to make others happy to see the bright gleam in their eyes(and of course take credit for it also..buhaha),we go out of our way to bring some sort of brightness and colour in their lives.Thats good n its us being good Samaritans but tell me would you like to do it all our lives ….cmon as the day becomes dark are we all so selfless that we would like to sacrifice the rest of our “lives” to see others happy and glee ????!!!

I don’t know about anybody else but as far as ME goes I wouldnt I would rather not….Life is too short(ya ya its my favourite saying and i keep using it for free most of the times 🙂 ) Jokes apart….again life is too short-lived to compromise and give up on things we want to do rather than doing things others want us to do…You see the difference its between the “we want” and want us”.In our own mother country people fantasize their children becoming an engineer(preferably IIT–NO COMPROMISES IN THAT) or a doctor…its like they have been blindfolded by all the other professions.They are living their dreams which unfortunately due to their fussing fussy n uber conservative parents could not get fulfilled,through their children….But do they ever question themselves does my child really wanna become a doctor or an engineer? Do they really have the potential or capability to become one?…No,never why would they know it all n kids know nothing right????….Bas doctor padna chahiye tho doctor hi padna chahiye….baat khatam!!!!!!

Thankfully i have had amazing parents who have given my brother and me the freedom to choose the lives we want to lead and where we want to build our career upon…Thats uber cool why can’t all parents be like that…

I have seen situations where parents react like this ” Airhostess?? Are you out of your mind…what will our relatives think,what about society your job is serving tea coffee to people?? there you go…and sooo many more…and the poor child ends up being another chickenofied victim…This is just one side of the story….At work we tend to do things we don’t want to or of the fear that we may be fired off or maybe because the boss will sit on our head.In relationships we do things for our partners to keep them happy,yeah at the back of our head we hate doing it but” kya kaare pyaar ke saala kuch bhi karne ke liye tayaar hai”

In every walk of life we do things to make others happy irrespective of the fact that they would do the same for us right?????? Cmon we all ain’t Saints there’s no harm in being lil selfish and wanting things our way,living life-like there was no tomorrow,living life-like nobody is watching and questioning us,living life on our terms,living life for “ourselves”.We never know whats going to happen the next second in our lives…so why not live it completely do what we want to do,the way we want to do after all like the movie dialogues “hum ek baar jeete hain ek baar marte hain”.I am not saying don’t do things for others we should but we should not forget ourselves in the whole picture we should do things out of love and generosity but at a later point of stage we should not regret that we compromised or adjusted,that feeling should never come within ourselves….Living with a regret that we were not able to do things we always wanted too because we were too busy keeping others happy is like a sin…its better to have a full bottle of whiskey and pass out than living in the guilt!!!

So let’s have a guilt free life lets live for ourselves (primararily) and then of course if we have the time and patience for others as well…Nothing can ever bring you happiness as much as your own so “LIVE AND LET LIVE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW”…TILL WE MEET AGAIN…:-)