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The Marraige Blues


Welll…marriage done….alll d hungama over….suddenly I kinda miss all d running around and hustle bustle….Life has become more quiet and less busier in terms of planning and conceptualizing…But in other ways it has become more busier….

Welcome to my world…the world of a Working married woman + Homemaker +blah blah blah

We finally started getting used to the fact that we are married now (p.s: we have the license to prove it as well J )…Dating and knowing each other for a long time is one story but living together is another story….How it all started

Initial Phase of Marriage

Me: ewww you are still living the life of a bachelor, you don’t even help L

The Husband: Whatever, I am not I am doing my best this is new for me.

Me: With the dirtiest expression I could ever have on my face, whattttttt??????? Like I have had one before it’s new for me as well…

This continued for a while till we realized though we were together for a looonnng loooong time living as a married couple was another world in itself…People need to understand marriage is a lifelong commitment and living together is another, it’s very hard initially cause we are all species from different human races and cultures, upbringings etc….We can’t expect it all to be prim and proper. Each one has their own way of living and letting go of a particular lifestyle is like getting a tattoo done(once done its too hard to be removed…course there’s laser and all that shyt but really do we wanna go that way.????)

Coming back to again the key word here is “letting go” .In life and in general, we humans tend to cling on to things which either have happened in the past, or for whatsoever reason and just refuse to let go of it….That in turn creates a lot of baggage within us which keeps accumulating and one fine day burst like a SUTHLI BOMB…..TADAHHHHHH….”Its more easier to let go than to hold on”.

Likewise even in marriage the lives we led pre-marriage is different and we can’t expect d same after wedlock…cmon, you would rather end up in splitsville!! In the course of the three months I’ve been married I’ve realized marriage is all about understanding and giving each other their own space. It’s about being there for one another and learning to let go of things we have been used to before (Am not saying let go of everything but to an extent things change n trust me change is good once in a while, for better or the worst).It’s about trying to be patient, changes can’t happen overnight but will over a course of time n trust me never get families in between…..your family did this and your family did that and the list continues….Remember at the end f the day its ur life urs and the husbands, families are a part of ur life but what is more important is that u’ll get to know each other well than pulling each other’s hair out. Trust me it’s tough it’s a life changing experience at times we feel what d hell but it’s all worth it at d end….Ur doing it for the person you love the most and whose ur world! Don’t do things feeling ur compromising on ur life, do it genuinely and out of love then life would be much more simpler and beautiful….For all those who are getting married this is an experience one needs to see sooo go for it don’t be scared even I was but here I am happily sailing in my own boat and trying to sail harder ….till we meet again 🙂

Fly Fly Far away….


DREAMS…..Welll who doesn’t dream???? Right, all of us do…we dream for a super luxurious life, we dream to look like a supermodel (p.s: even though we know we can never),we dream about having an AUDI 8 ,having the most beautiful Louis Vuitton bag and wearing slippery elegant Christian Louboutin sandals……the list is endless and so are our wishes……Even I’ve had many dreams since I was a teeny meeny  itsyyy bitsy kid….when I was 5 years I wanted to be a chef….then at 10 I wanted to be an air hostess…at 15 I wanted to be a pilot and at 18 I wanted to be a doctor….welll did I end up being all???????? Duhhh am not a jack of all trades sooo I landed up somewhere closer in lines with “the medical field and corporate scenario”…now let’s not get there ….

OKKK….Sooo we were talking about dreams, who doesn’t dream????Right from a 2yr old kid who dreams of being a superman to an 80 year old man…everybody does…but the question here is do our dreams transform into reality???? Or are they just left to fade away.

In my opinion Dreams should be turned into reality, somewhere beneath us there is that desire to do something which we have always wanted to but somehow it never happens, have you’ll ever questioned urselves why???????? Why doesn’t it happen …..??????

WHY WHY WHY????????

The answer is it’s just that we don’t want to make it happen, the passion, the desire is missing…!!!!

Dreams in a way relate to our personalities, to who we are and what we actually like doing….we need to be different we need to explore our dreams….we need to turn our dreams into reality….lets break the conventional rules and do something different(that should be our inner voice and spirit telling us)

I believe no matter how impossible certain things look if we are willing to put in our bestest we can turn tables around…Money can buy a lot of things but it can never buy happiness…Dreams do, turn your dreams into REALITY …it will give u more happiness than money…soooo HAPPY DREAMING J Cheers till we meet again!!!