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My wedding scene the big fat Indian wedding


Holla finally I get time to sit down and write…..missed it eh!!!! Well well been exactly two months since the marriage the hustle and bustle pre wedding was chaotic and exciting it was like running around like a headless chicken…. woahh running pillar to post,at times trying to get a glimpse of what’s happening, waking up everyday like I had a hangover n then realising that okay am getting mArried. Finally the D day was coming closer and I started having butterflies in my tummy o can’t explain that feeling but one should experience it ,events and various functions started… tacky and noisy people and chirpy happy relatives filled the atmosphere it was nice to c the whole family n thn the DAY arrived the clock was ticking by and I had reached the wedding venue was I nervous ????nehhh I was more eager to c d husband does he look dashingly handsome….hehe time flew and even before u realized I had the license to marriage hanging down my neck (I mean the mangalsutra) am married finally after all the dating sharing it hasn’t yet sunk in yet it’s been two months but at times I need to remind myself wokay gal ur in the institution of marriage now. Well it’s been a roller coaster ride so far challenges everyday at times the husband n I wonder why but then within minutes the lovey dovey love for each other makes us sink in. Life definitely is not the same but it’s interesting on the brighter side and we r still learning to sail the boat. Adios till we meet again